Students from Babson, Olin College of Engineering, and Mass College of Art showcase their innovative products and creative solutions.

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Babson College, the top-ranked entrepreneurship school, will host two Product Design Events on December 5 & 12, 2013.

Babson MBA Product Design Fair 
Date and Time: Thursday, December 5, 2013; 9:00am-1:00pm 
Location: Babson College, Olin Hall, Needham-Wellesley room

Eight teams of Babson MBA students explain and showcase their new product concepts.

New products and solutions include:

  • T-Rex Plate - hold a plate and cup with one hand, to improve mobility and decrease social anxiety
  • Custom solution for driving-related back pain
  • New solution for making cycling in the rain more enjoyable
  • Omnibrew - a sleek, portable, modular brewing system that delivers a fresh cup of coffee
  • The Hooky Box - provides everything you need to never miss that perfect chance to catch a fish
  • Modular toy that adapts to the different needs of babies during the first 12 months of their lives
  •  Proton - a workspace attachment that allows using a laptop from a standing position
  • New app for better trip management

Babson/Olin/MassArt Undergraduate Product Presentations and Exhibit 
Date and Time: Thursday, December 12, 2013; 3:30 pm – 5:00pm 
Location: Babson College, Trim Dining Hall, Room 201/202 

Integrated student teams composed of students from all three schools will showcase and deliver short presentations of their designs and concepts developed during a joint three-school undergraduate course in Product Design.

Seven novel designs include:

  • Notification tags to prevent food waste from spoilage
  •  Clothes freshener to extend the use of clothing without washing
  •  Recirculating sink to save water while hand washing
  •  Flow controller to limit water wasted while washing dishes
  •  Pulsing water timer to provide a sense of time while showering
  •  Shared modular furniture to personalize dorm living and save resources
  •  Aquarium ecosystem linked to home water use to educate children

 For more on the Product Design Events visit Babson Professor Sebastian Fixson’s Innovation By Design website.

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