Investment seeking entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn how to acquire small businesses with Babson College’s new web-based open enrollment program, “Buying a Small Business - Online” beginning October 7, 2013.

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Investment seeking entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn how to acquire small businesses with Babson College’s new web-based open enrollment program, “Buying a Small Business - Online” beginning October 7, 2013.

The interactive, 4-week, online program delves deeply into the challenges, process, and peculiarities of buying a small business. Hands on and practical in nature, the 10-hour program combines lively discussions with a diverse group of colleagues; self-paced, media-rich learning and activities; and weekly virtual class sessions with Babson Professor Kevin Mulvaney.

Small businesses are an important contributor to economies around the world through innovation, job creation, and growth. For entrepreneurs, small business ownership presents a unique value proposition and a wealth of opportunities.

During the program, participants will explore:

• The intricacies of planning, evaluating and negotiating to buy a small business (revenue or enterprise value of under $3-5 million) from a family-controlled or privately-owned enterprise.

• Key aspects of financing and equity structure alternatives.

• The reality of information gathering, negotiations, capital plan negotiations, and dealing with the potential challenges born out of the process or lack of a process.

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Topic areas include:

• Self-Analysis—is buying a small business right for me?

• The M&A process for a small business buy

• Sourcing business opportunities

• Peculiarities of the small business and links to the ‘buy’

• Valuation processes and alternatives

• Deal structure alternatives

• Seller objectives and psychology

• Financing alternatives

• 'The Info Game' and links to due diligence

• Negotiating a small business purchase

• Purchase and sale agreements

• Running a small business

• Passive income purchases

Faculty Director Kevin Mulvaney

Professor Kevin Mulvaney teaches in the MBA program at Babson College in courses including “M&A for Entrepreneurs” and “Buying a Small Business.” He also mentors students in live consulting projects and serves as Executive-in-Residence in the Entrepreneurial Studies Program. Professor Mulvaney has bought and sold several businesses himself, so he approaches the topic from an expert practitioner perspective, rather than a purely academic viewpoint. Many of his students have bought companies before graduation.

Additionally, Professor Mulvaney is the president of Strategic Advisors Group, a specialty consulting firm which advises CEOs and business owners facing important strategic challenges and M&A decisions. Mr. Mulvaney has served as an expert witness in Federal Court cases, conducted governance review projects, and mentored management teams and business owners to achieve improved teamwork and results.

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