60 Advanced Faculty From The College Of Science, Technology & Applied Arts Of Trinidad & Tobago Learn Babson’s Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® Method

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Sixty educators from The College of Science, Technology & Applied Arts of Trinidad & Tobago (COSTAATT) will participate in a program delivered by Babson College ─ the top-ranked business school in the world for entrepreneurship education ─ to learn its unique Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® (ET&A) approach to shaping tomorrow’s entrepreneurs today. In addition to the focus on ET&A, the first module will also cover Opportunity Evaluation.

“Now more than ever, the world needs entrepreneurs of all kinds who think and act entrepreneurially — those with the potential to create social and economic value for themselves and for others,” said Elaine Eisenman, Dean of Babson Executive and Enterprise Education. “In today’s environments of uncertainty, no one can predict the future. So the world needs entrepreneurial solutions and leaders who can harness uncertainty to create new opportunities. In this context, today’s educators worldwide have an important task at hand. They are called upon to train and develop the next generation of great entrepreneurial leaders.”

Led by Babson College Entrepreneurship Professor Andrew Zacharakis, Babson’s Modules for Entrepreneurship Educators program for COSTAATT will prepare their educators to:

  • Understand the powerful logic of ET&A and how it can be taught and applied to entrepreneurs
  • Comprehend the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Recognize key process and content aspects of teaching entrepreneurship
  • Appreciate the value of the case study method and the growing popularity of other experiential and action-based methods
  • Build a network of like-minded educators who are dedicated to innovation in entrepreneurship education
  • Deeply understand specific content areas related to entrepreneurship education

“We at COSTAATT are very pleased to be working with Babson College on this signature project to enhance our faculty’s capacity for entrepreneurship education, said Dr. Gillian Paul, President (Ag.) at the College of Science, Technology & Applied Arts of Trinidad & Tobago. “This initiative is distinctive in that it will enable the College to extend the reach of training in ET&A beyond the traditional focus on business education to impact on all the programmes that we offer. In so doing, we are creating a sustainable platform for a broad-based impact on national social and economic development, in keeping with our mandate.”

The Modules for Entrepreneurship Educators (MEE) program is a customizable suite of learning modules designed to prepare an institution’s educators to effectively teach entrepreneurship. Babson closely consults with colleges, universities, and other academic institutions to design and deliver modules that meet unique needs and capabilities. At the heart of the MEE program is the belief that teaching effectiveness should be learned and improved upon regularly. Babson’s customized multimodule programs have been held at institutions around the world in regions and countries including Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

About Babson College

Babson College is the educator, convener, and thought leader for Entrepreneurship of All Kinds®. The College is a dynamic living and learning laboratory, where students, faculty, and staff work together to address the real-world problems of business and society -- while at the same time evolving our methods and advancing our programs. We shape the leaders our world needs most: those with strong functional knowledge and the skills and vision to navigate change, accommodate ambiguity, surmount complexity, and motivate teams in a common purpose to create economic and social value. As we have for nearly a half-century, Babson continues to advance Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® as the most positive force on the planet for generating sustainable economic and social value. For information, visit

By Barbara Spies Blair,, 781-239-4621 | 10/15/2012 06:00