Keith Rollag authors book on ‘What to Do When You’re New’

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Babson College Professor Keith Rollag has authored What to Do When You’re New: How to Be Comfortable, Confident, and Successful in New Situations.

Whether in school or the workplace, while taking up a hobby, moving to a different city, or vacationing in a foreign country, people feel awkward and anxious about being new. For some, wariness about meeting new people winds up costing them valuable and meaningful relationships. For others, reluctance to explore new experiences and risk being exposed as a total beginner leads to a huge accumulation of missed opportunities.

“We spend our entire lives being new,” said Professor Rollag. “Still, we’re rarely taught how to be a successful newcomer.”

In his unique new book, Rollag teaches newcomers of all ages, backgrounds, and anxiety levels how to develop necessary and critical skills to help embrace and excel at being new – for professional advancement, personal accomplishment, and the pure joy of living a full and interesting life.

​​​​​​​​​With the help of exercises and real-life scenarios, newcomers will become adept at: 

  • Introducing themselves to strangers with ease and confidence, making a good first impression, and engaging in positive, memorable small-talk
  • Remembering the names of new people and avoiding embarrassment when they can’t recall what to call a new acquaintance or colleague
  • Asking new people questions about themselves, in a way that’s strategic and inviting, and building a strong, beneficial network that supports question-asking
  • Starting new relationships - both professional and personal - and ‘fitting in’ with a new group while staying true to themselves
  • Performing without anxiety in new situations, appreciating the payoff of approaching new roles and challenges with a ‘beginner’s mind,’ and more

The book is available to order on AMACOM BooksAmazon, and Barnes & Noble.

About Keith Rollag

Keith Rollag, PhD, is an organizational researcher, management consultant, and award-winning educator who currently serves as Associate Professor of Management and Chair of the Management Division at Babson College. His research and advice have been featured in The New York TimesNewsdayInvestor’s Business DailyMIT Sloan Management ReviewWired NewsHarvard Management Update, and other publications.

About Babson College

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