“Thriving In The 21st Century Economy: Transformational Skills For Technical Professionals”

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Babson College Professor U. Srinivasa Rangan has coauthored Thriving In The 21st Century Economy: Transformational Skills For Technical Professionals, which offers an alternative approach to career development for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals. The book is also a useful tool for technical professionals who have been transitioned out of jobs and seek guidance on ways to adapt to the changing employment landscape in the technology marketplace. Rangan co-authored the book from ASME Press, an imprint of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, with K. Subbu Subramanian.

Thriving In The 21st Century Economy examines the changing business models in corporations and their impact on the training and career development of workers. According to the book, technical professionals, particularly engineers in the early stages of careers, must adopt new skills and competencies to contribute value and solutions to employers and industries. These skill sets incorporate the ability to integrate knowledge from units across an organization. Technical professionals must identify, create, validate, and implement new solutions to sustain and grow business organizations. “New solutions become a constant search for core capabilities,” say Rangan and Subramanian. “With these essential skills, an employee will have a greater impact on his or her company as well as the industry.”

The book covers such topics as core technology platforms, knowledge integration, and end-to-end innovation in eight chapters. Drawn from a survey conducted by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), Thriving In The 21st Century Economy talks about skills transformation in the context of the binary economy defined by the de-localization of jobs, advanced digital applications, and other new trends. To survive in this new economy, technical professionals must be systems thinkers, “which foster science-based solutions with step-change or quantum improvements in outputs as the goal.”

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