Dhruv Grewal’s jointly-authored article is recognized for significant contribution to literature on marketing and channels distribution

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Babson Marketing Professor Dhruv Grewal and co-authors Robert W. Palmatier,Professor of Marketing, University of Washington; and Rajiv P. Dant, Professor of Marketing, University of Washington, have won the 2015 Louis W. Stern Award for their article - A Comparative Longitudinal Analysis of Theoretical Perspectives of Interorganizational Relationship Performance.

The awarding committee unanimously agreed that the article is an “outstanding example of original and well-executed research that has made a significant contribution to the field of interorganizational relationship research.” As a testament to its contribution, the article has been highly cited, and it received the most votes from the interorganizational research community.

The Louis W. Stern Award, established by Louis W. and Rhona L. Stern in 1999 through the American Marketing Association Foundation​ (AMAF), recognizes the outstanding article, in a widely recognized and highly respected refereed journal, which has made a significant contribution to the literature on marketing and channels distribution. Named for the John D. Gray Distinguished Professor of Marketing at the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, the award is intended to encourage the academic community to continue to produce high quality academic research in the field of marketing channels and distribution.​

About Dhruv Grewal

Professor Dhruv Grewal (Ph.D. Virginia Tech) is the Toyota Chair in Commerce and Electronic Business and a Professor of Marketing at Babson College. He has published over 100 articles in journals such as the Journal of RetailingJournal of MarketingJournal of Consumer ResearchJournal of Marketing ResearchJournal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and more. His professional rankings include being named No. 1 in the marketing field in terms of publications in the top six marketing journals between 1991-1998 and again between 2000-2007, No. 9 in the field in terms of publications in the top six marketing journals between 2000-2005, No. 7 in the marketing field in terms of publications in the top four marketing journals between 1990-1996, among the top 2% of researchers who have published in the top three marketing journals between 1985-1999, among the top 10% of all consumer researchers, and No. 7 in terms of publications in Journal of Public Policy & Marketing between 1992-2001. He was also ranked No. 1 in terms of publications and No. 3 in terms of citations for pricing research between 1980-2010. Professor Grewal has also won an array of distinguished awards, including the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award in Retailing, 2005 Lifetime Achievement in Behavioral Pricing Award and the AMS Cutco/Vector Distinguished Educator Award in May 2010, in addition to many awards for his teaching and research.

About Babson College Marketing    

Babson's Marketing Division is made up of an eclectic group of marketing scholars who bring a tradition of global scholarship and action-based learning to the marketing classroom. Babson’s Marketing Professors are known worldwide for their excellence in teaching and research. During any given year, they might be speaking to students, scholars, and/or practitioners in Australia, Austria, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and more. This passion for sharing is reflected not only in their worldwide travels, but also in their ever-expanding list of publications in top business journals. The Division’s interdisciplinary marketing curriculum is comprised of courses that capture the foundational elements of the traditional marketing concept while also engaging the student with 21st century elements of the digital world and increasing stakeholder involvement. From understanding the consumer decision-making process to utilizing marketing metrics for assessment and continuous improvement, students in marketing are exposed to a wide-range of marketing topics.

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