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Leading student entrepreneur will showcase their businesses to venture capitalists, angel investors, and the local startup community during the Summer Venture Showcase​ on July 31 from 1-5 pm in Babson's Olin Auditorium.

Babson selected 16 teams to participate in this year’s Summer Venture Program sponsored by the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship. The Program is a 10-week intensive experience designed to accelerate the development of the most promising MBA and undergraduate entrepreneurs from Babson, Olin Engineering, and Wellesley Colleges. It is one of the area’s leading accelerators and the only full-time community of entrepreneurs and advisors in the greater Boston area, working together in an open workspace on the Babson campus.

All of the lessons and experience from the program culminate in the Summer Venture Showcase, a celebration where participants present their work to professional investors and the local community. The event is sponsored in part by Pierce Atwood LLP and Samuel Goldstein & Co.

On the day of the Showcase, registration will begin at 1 p.m. and the student presentations begin at 2 p.m. A networking reception will follow the presentations.

Register and follow #babsonsvp on Twitter.

2014 Summer Venture Program Teams

  1. ​Cafe X - Henry Hu '16, Jack Sun '1​​4, and Sebastian Gomez Puerto M'14 
    Cafe X is the next generation coffee experience. Cafe X integrates industrial automation technology and mobile software to create a magical and seamless coffee concept for the premium grab-and-go market.
  2. Entropic Harvest Technologies - Lauren DiPerna M'15 
    Entropic Harvest Technologies applies specialized, proven expertise in green chemistry and commercialization to develop agricultural products that are low cost, highly effective, and environmentally sustainable.
  3. GoBag - Andres Valencia M'15
    GoBag is an ultra-light, flexible water container, with outstanding design and awesome graphics, that can be folded, flattened, or rolled to fit any pocket; allowing you to conveniently bring your water everywhere. Because it is reusable, GoBag helps reduce the carbon footprint in the environment by replacing single-use plastic bottles used in bottled water. @The_GoBag on Twitter »
  4. HigherMe - Rob Hunter M'14 and Evan Lodge M'14
    HigherMe uses data and video to help retail and service employers find, screen, and hire better employees faster. @HigherMeJobs on Twitter »
  5. Incocu - Vaibhav Dhandia M'14, Anish Gangwal M'14, and Samuel Sternweiler '17 
    Incocu enables customers to create their unique piece of fine jewelry with an easy-to-use online customization platform.  
  6. Intelligent Payment Networks - Max Miller '16, Eveline Dang '15, Zhan Shi '16, and Jake Shaver '15 
    Intelligent Payment Networks consults businesses with their payment solutions, making sure that merchants have the most updated yet cost-effective payment systems. In doing so, Intelligent Payment Networks covers the following main areas: payment processing, POS solutions, auxiliary services (digital wallet acceptance, online ordering, mobile loyalty programs, mobile marketing, and websites, etc.). @IntelligentPay on Twitter »
  7. Inspired Origami - Ken Zhang '16 and Lawrence Beall 
    Inspired Origami is a lifestyle company dedicated to the belief that the ancient art of origami can be revolutionized into a bold and modern fashion statement.
  8. Jossle - Daquan Oliver '14, Rotimi Lademo '15, and Luisa Reyes (Wellesley '15)
    Jossle is a youth marketing agency for brands that want to reach and sell to the college student. @TeamJossle on Twitter »
  9. MONIFY - David Moore '16 and Brendon Tiszka 
    MONIFY allows brands to sell their products directly on third-party digital platforms with no affiliate links, no re-directs, fewer clicks, and free integration.
  10. Paporize - Vishnu Venkatesh M'14 
    Paporize software puts a virtual lock on your sensitive documents so that only those you authorize can access them, regardless of how they are stored or shared anywhere in the world.
  11. Parrot Foods, LLC - Christa Ferguson M'15
    Parrot Foods, LLC creates sweet snacks for clean eaters and delivers them right to your door! ParrotF oods' first line is called Paleo Parrot and includes snack cakes made with ground almonds, coconut flour, and honey. 
  12. Salamander’s Energy Solutions - Alfredo Gago M'12, CAM'14 
    Salamander's Energy Solutions provides a portable, convenient, and affordable energy source that allows users to power mobile devices without any physical constraint. Salamander's powerful energy devices are compatible with any device that can be powered via USB port. Salamander complements its devices with a network of energy stations where users can acquire, refill, and exchange energy devices and have portable energy whenever they need it the most. 
  13. Spreads and Beyond - Octavia Costea M'15 
    Spreads and Beyond is a brand that offers premuim fruit spreads, free of any added sugars, artificial pectin, or juice from concentrate. 
  14. Startup Rounds - Paul Hammond M'14
    Startup Rounds showcases exciting new products in online sales contests. Customers get to be the judges, and are empowered to decide with their purchases, which startups advance through the rounds to win cash prizes and resources. Multiple purchases on the platform allow customers to achieve greater levels of influence, and they can even become a shark. @StartupRounds on Twitter »
  15. TreeSeed.org - Daniel Carranza M'14 and Diego Pacheco 
    TreeSeed.org is a tool for nonprofits to fundraise online.
  16. UNIMOS - Julio Sosa M'15 
    UNIMOS is a repatriation service insurance for Latin American immigrants living in the United States or Canada. 

For more information about the Summer Venture Program Showcase, please contact Antonette Ho.

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