Dozens of graduating Babson College undergraduate and MBA students are starting their own businesses.

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Dozens of graduating Babson College undergraduate and MBA students are starting their own businesses. Below are just a few examples of entrepreneurs from the Class of 2011.

* John Xie ’11 cofounded -- a universal sharing platform in the cloud allowing users to share anywhere, anytime using any devices available to them. @mindotus Formed in fall 2010, has more than 300,000 active users, with more than 1,000,000 uploads and more than 1,000,000,000 hits. received the Babson College 2011 Student Business of the Year Award. John has also founded the web hosting company Cirtex. 

* Matt Chatham M’11, former Super Bowl winning linebacker for the New England Patriots and New York Jets, is opening his first store, SkyCrepers, LLC -- an innovative new fast-serve crepe franchise model that bridges the gap between the street cart and the foo-foo café. SkyCrepers&™ features a mix of innovative new crepe products built from their trade-secret protected Cinnilla&™ crepe batter, including patented Cinnilla&™ Crepe Fries, portable Cinnilla&™ Towers, and the venerable Cinnilla&™ Classic. To open on the first floor of the Emerald Square Mall in North Attleboro, MA (due in early May), with coming expansion planned throughout the Northeast.

* Enrico Palmerino ’11 cofounded ThinkLite LLC -- a revolutionary commercial lighting efficiency firm dedicated to helping businesses go green without the upfront costs of getting there. Clients save immediately on their monthly energy bills, while making a positive impact on the environment at the same time. We accomplish this goal by providing superior service and only top quality products, while absorbing all the initial cost associated with the upgrade. @ThinkLiteEnergy

* Seth Burstein M’11 cofounded Trade Show Internet -- provides an innovative solution that allows clients to save money on Internet connectivity at their events. He has also cofounded Golden Health Guide with Laura Mitchell M’11 -- a website helping seniors and their families make more informed purchasing decisions by providing reviews of home medical products. has also cofounded Taboo Jewish Edition, a Jewish edition of the traditional board game. 

* Augustin “Gus” Ba ’ ’11 cofounded Cloud Jolt -- a hosting company, redefined -- by promoting social responsibility and targeting entrepreneurs our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the world, one gigabyte at a time. 

* Nikolas “Nik” Beisert ’11 founded Down to Earth Waste Solutions -- offers low-cost, sustainable waste management services to small food businesses.

* Tom Lovett M'11 founded Banyan Buildings LLC -- a consulting firm focused on reducing the operating costs of our clients through energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives. 

* Alisa Boguslavskaya M’11 cofounded -- allows you to buy things without shopping for them. 

* Mark Lederhos M’11 founded Modapt -- a software product operating in a cloud computing environment, facilitates and manages the live conversion of websites for optimal display and interaction on mobile phone browsers. 

* Liqiang Tou M’11 cofounded MandarinCube -- An innovative cube Mandarin teaching service provider to prepare Americans ready for the future, one cube at a time. 

* Belinda Ephraim M’11 founded KokoBerna -- 7 million highly affluent multicultural consumers are frustrated with general market skin care products, which contain hormone-disruptive chemicals that do not resolve their unique skin care needs. KokoBerna develops and markets proprietary skin care products that target these consumers’ unique skin care needs using bioactive ingredients that are kosher, natural, organic and fair-trade certified. 

* Robert “Max” Traylor ’11, Thomas Blakeley’11, Greg D'Aleo ’11, Adam Hauff ’11 and Jordan Berger ’11 cofounded Highly Humorous -- a social media network that hosts funny video contests for cash prizes.

* Kyle Cooke M’11 founded Nightjockey -- a mobile app dedicated to real-time dinner and drink specials created by local bars and restaurants for consumers to use on the go. 

* Gaurav M’11 and Luke Cooper M’11 cofounded Performant Ventures -- a seed stage venture fund, focused on commercializing outstanding and promising technologies. PV is focused on making investments in lower middle-market companies in variety of sectors. 

* Michael Kasseris M’11 founded VitaFlavor -- an organic flavor enhanced vitamin powder that can be incorporated into the rice and grain cooking process to bring essential vitamin and minerals to people’s diets in the developing world.

* Dan Simerman ’11 founded betaparty media | MusicGuerilla -- betaparty media: The East Coast Electronic Music Monitor. MusicGuerilla: An Experiment in Music Acquisition and Guerrilla Music Consulting.

* Manuel Rizo-Patron Terrero M'11 cofounded clothing retailer Treca in Peru.

* Mike Norwood M'11, Angela Sanchez M'11 and Jonas Shoor M'11 co-founded Type-U -- an integrated health and wellness platform for people with diabetes. Norwood also started WoodyWear LLC -- a mobile merchandising venture that uses vintage vehicles and pop-up venues to promote and sell renowned and emerging brands to popular beach communities on Cape Cod.

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