Exploring Transgenerational Entrepreneurship delivers vital lessons on running successful family businesses

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Pramodita Sharma, Global Director of the STEP (Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices) Project at Babson College has co-authored and edited Exploring Transgenerational Entrepreneurship – The Role of Resources and Capabilities, that uses storytelling to show how real families tackle the complicated challenges and learn the vital lessons necessary to successfully run their businesses. The new business book is the fourth in The Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices Project series published by Edward Elgar Publishing for the STEP Project.

Drawing insights from in-depth longitudinal studies of twenty-six family firms in twelve countries, the authors discuss the critical role of ‘intangible’ assets such as values, virtues, tacit knowledge and learning, professionalization, internal and external social networks, and reputation. Each chapter includes both a case study that serves as a practical illustration of a particular topic as well as a discussion of the theoretical perspectives and broader implications.

Professors and students of business and management, entrepreneurship and family business studies as well as family business owners, consultants and researchers in the field will find this book useful in understanding how best to foster family businesses that will create social and economic value over time to succeed beyond the first generation of business owners. Featuring both contributors and case studies from across the world, Exploring Transgenerational Entrepreneurship provides a truly global approach to the study of family businesses.

Pramodita Sharma is also the Sanders Professor for Family Business, University of Vermont. The STEP Project is a global applied research initiative that explores the entrepreneurial process within business families and generates solutions that have immediate application for family leaders. For more information on STEP publications, research reports, newsletters or academic information packet visit the Babson College digital knowledge repository.

Co-Authored and Edited by:

  • Pramodita Sharma, Sanders Professor for Family Business, University of Vermont and Global Director, STEP Project, Babson College, US
  • Philipp Sieger, Assistant Professor of Family Business, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Robert S. Nason, PhD candidate in Entrepreneurship, Syracuse University, US
  • Ana Cristina Gonzalez, Professor, School of Administrative and Economic Sciences, Universidad ICESI, Colombia
  • Kavil Ramachandran, Thomas Schmidheiny Chair Professor of Family Business and Wealth Management, Indian School of Business, India

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