Students taking the three college Sustainability Certificate Program will present results of their semester-long study of sustainability concerns in a Wellesley neighborhood on December 14th, 5 to 6:30 p.m., at the Whitin Observatory at Wellesley College.

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Students taking part in the Babson, Olin & Wellesley College Sustainability Certificate Program will present the results of their semester-long study of sustainability issues in a Wellesley neighborhood during a reception Wednesday, December 14th, from 5 to 6:30 p.m., at the Whitin Observatory at Wellesley College.
As part of the three-college Sustainability Certificate Program faculty from the colleges have been teaching a new course, Introduction to Sustainability, designed to give students in all three colleges an introduction to the tools and skills for integrating business, engineering, and the liberal arts in the pursuit of environmental sustainability.  
For case material in the course, students have been evaluating the sustainability of a section of the town of Wellesley. They have learned a number of concepts and tools in the course, and used them to characterize, understand, and make recommendations related to the environmental sustainability of this section of the town, with a particular focus on transportation, water, waste, food and energy.
The event will begin with a wine-and-cheese reception and an opportunity to look at data and analysis from the early parts of the project. Student groups will then give brief oral overviews of what they think the most important, interesting, or realistic approaches to improving sustainability on the block would be, and we will conclude with an opportunity for audience members to see the more in-depth, visual representation of student recommendations and speak with the student groups about their recommendations.
Faculty of the BOW Introduction to Sustainability Course are:
  • Beth DeSombre, Wellesley College
  • Bradley George, Babson College
  • Benjamin Linder, Olin College
  • Jonathan Stolk, Olin College
About the Babson-Olin-Wellesley Collaboration
Presidents Bottomly, Miller, and Schlesinger launched the Three-College Collaboration in 2009 with the goals of expanding educational opportunities for students, facilitating faculty research and sharing strengths across the campuses. The first director of the program, Adele Wolfson (also Schow Professor of Chemistry at Wellesley), was appointed in 2010, creating a supportive infrastructure for the program. Even this early in existence, the Babson-Olin-Wellesley collaboration serves as a model for integrating the liberal arts and sciences with business and engineering. The Babson-Olin-Wellesley partnership stands apart from most college consortia by taking advantage of the schools’ complementary curricula to create innovative approaches to student learning and problem solving and to provide all students with the tools to work across disciplines. 

By Nancy Sullivan,, 781-239-4623 | 12/14/2011 04:00