Professor of Entrepreneurship Practice Daniel Isenberg, Founding Executive Director of Babson Global’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project, will be a 2012 recipient of the Center’s Gold Medal.

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The global economic and social research institute and think tank, the Pio Manzu Center based in Italy, has announced that Professor of Entrepreneurship Practice Daniel Isenberg, Founding Executive Director of Babson Global’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project, will be a 2012 recipient of the Center’s Gold Medal. 
In his notice to Isenberg about the award, Centre Director Girardo Filiberto Dasi noted “your pioneering work and innovative approach to foster economic development and growth.” The chairman of the award committee is Mikhail Gorbachev. 
Noting that entrepreneurship is not about stability, but about change, the award citation reads: “To foster [change] effectively many elements of the society social and economic environment need to be changed together. This line of thinking is the linchpin of the entrepreneurial philosophy of Daniel Isenberg… Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, ‘angel investor,’ educator and author of numerous articles on entrepreneurship, he has forged a practical theory of entrepreneurship ecosystems… In an historical period dominated by uncertainty, Daniel Isenberg casts a seed of rationality and hope amid the arid furrow of the current crisis.”
Previous Pio Manzu Center medals have been awarded to Henry Kissinger, Gro Brundtland (former Prime Minster of Norway), Lady Diana, Javier Perez De Cuellar (former UN Secretary General), and Nobel Laureate Rita Levi Montalcini, for their work for “the future of the Earth and active contribution to social development, peace and human progress.”
“I was very surprised,” commented Isenberg, “and I immediately contacted the Centre to make sure there was no mistake. I am particularly excited about the award because Babson has been launching specific action projects, for example in Manizales, Colombia and elsewhere to learn how to make our entrepreneurship ecosystem strategy and methodology generate actual results. We are learning powerful lessons every day, and these lessons are essential for societal progress,” Isenberg commented. 
The medal will be officially presented on October 14th during the plenary session of the 2012 Pio Manzu Conference.
The Pio Manzu Center ​was established in 1969 during a period of deep social questioning and disruption, by Mr. Dasi together with 14 renowned scholars. It was named in honor of Pio Manzu, a famous Italian designer who was a founding member of the International Research Centre on Environmental Structures and who had earned fame at an early age by designing the Fiat 127, the Autobianchi Coupe, and the City-Taxi. His premature death in a car accident was marked by the naming of the center in his honor.
The Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project (BEEP) is part of Babson Global, the global action research subsidiary of Babson College, the world leader in entrepreneurship education. BEEP creates projects around the world to foster substantially greater levels of entrepreneurship in specific regions.
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