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It is a new year and Babson College has launched eighteen new FME start-up businesses. One of these businesses is Everlast Energy. Under the guidance and instruction of Professor Henry Deneault and Professor Dawna Dewire, the twenty-six students of Everlast Energy have and continue to learn the skills necessary to manage and operate the business in the first year course of Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship. Through series of business pitches and presentations, the idea of caffeinated products has been developed into a feasible opportunity for the business. 

Everlast Energy announces that the company will be distributing Foosh Peppermint Mints, Chocolate Buzz Bites, and Mint Chocolate Buzz Bites to the Babson College community and neighboring areas. The business will begin its sales on Monday January 24, 2011. Operation will continue until Wednesday April 13, 2011. Sales locations on the Babson College campus will include Reynolds Campus Center, Horn Library, and Trim Dining Hall. Each tin of the product will be sold at three dollars. There are six pieces per Buzz Bite tin and there are twelve pieces per Foosh Mint tin.

Everlast Energy is focused on providing consumers significant benefits. These benefits include saving consumers significant amounts of money, providing customers with immediate satisfaction and quick accessibility, and providing consumers with a unique and healthy way of consuming caffeine without having to drink coffee or energy beverages.

Everlast Energy is bringing customers caffeinated Foosh Mints and Buzz Bites that provide individuals with the additional boost necessary to perform daily activities. The real peppermint flavor of the mints freshen one’s breath and eliminates the worry of stained teeth and clothing, which is often the case with coffee and other leading caffeinated products.

Everlast Energy products stand apart from other caffeinated products. Each Foosh Mint and Buzz Bite offers more caffeine than an entire cup of coffee and 1.25 times more caffeine than the leading energy drink. In addition, caffeine is not the only intricate energy producing ingredient in an Everlast Energy product. Everlast Energy mints also contain Ginseng, Taurine, and five B vitamins (instead of 4 in most caffeinated drinks), which help to enhance performance, increase endurance, and stimulate one’s metabolism. The same holds true for the caffeinated Chocolate Buzz Bites that Everlast Energy offers.

The Everlast Energy business team is excited to initiate its sales. Moreover, the team looks forward to giving back to the community. The team members will each volunteer a minimum of eight hours of community service to the charitable organization of “Cradles to Crayons,” the business’ choice charity. In addition, at the liquidation of the business in April, Everlast Energy will donate all the proceeds of the business to “Cradles to Crayons.”

Before you purchase your next coffee, ask yourself, “why spend thirty dollars on twelve cups of coffee when you can have the same amount of caffeine for three dollars?” The solution is to purchase Everlast Energy Foosh Mints and Chocolate Buzz Bites today in order to “stay energized!”


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By Michael Chmura, mchmura@babson.edu, 781-239-4549 | 01/25/2011 06:00