Alumni business "Leaf" gets $1M to launch new payment & social networking app for merchant point-of-sales systems in 2012.

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Leaf, (www.leaf.me), a mobile commerce service developer today announced that it has raised a million dollars from private angel investors (mostly outside the U.S.) to launch its new payment and social networking app for merchant point of sales (POS) systems. “With Leaf, a brick and mortar merchant can easily increase sales using social media, collect customer feedback in real-time, and personally acknowledge customers with tailored discounts,” said Aron Schwarzkopf, co-founder and CEO of Leaf. 

The Leaf app sits on a merchant’s point of sales machine as well as in a web and/or mobile application for a customer. Merchants can download the app onto their POS, which allows Leaf to identify the customer when he swipes his card during a transaction. A digital receipt is issued and at the same time, the customer can share and rate his experience. All a customer has to do to begin using Leaf is Facebook connect to the application. Additionally, the Leaf program donates a portion of its revenues to a Leaf user’s designated charity for every transaction.
If a merchant is tired of his old credit card machine, Leaf has also designed the Leaf Presenter, a small-computerized check presenter – which combines the traits of a mobile POS terminal and a check presenter in the form of a tablet PC.
“This is a very large market opportunity and a win-win situation for everyone,” continued Schwarzkopf. “With the advance of mobile technology, there’s no reason a merchant’s POS should be stuck in the dark ages of computing. For only a few cents on each transaction, a merchant can finally leverage the power of the Internet to modernize his POS, be philanthropic and generate lasting customer loyalty at the same time.
“We’re really excited about the launch of the Leaf platform as well being able to work from the renowned Cambridge Innovation Center with so many other entrepreneurs” said Sebastian Castro, co-founder.  We had many opportunities to go to Silicon Valley but after attending Babson and MIT and getting to know the Boston/Cambridge area, we knew that this was the place we needed to be.”
About Leaf:
Leaf is redefining the real-world checkout experience by introducing a unique mobile commerce app for point of sale (POS) plus a custom designed mobile tablet for merchants, (Leaf Presenter). The Leaf platform allows real time interaction between merchants and their customers (via their mobile devices and the web) thus providing a more personalized and dynamic transaction experience. By delivering digital receipts, personal offers and capturing real-time customer feedback and interaction across social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, consumers experience greater convenience, rewards and are able to make a difference.  Founded in 2010 and headquartered in the Cambridge Innovation Center in Cambridge, MA, Leaf will be launching its Leaf application in early 2012. For more information, please visit us at www.leaf.me
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By Nancy Sullivan, sullivann@babson.edu, 781-239-4623 | 12/13/2011 07:00