Opie and Coyle recognized on inaugural list of top 40 professors

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Babson College Assistant Professor of Management Tina Opie and Associate Professor of Accounting & Law William Coyle have been named to the Top 40 Undergraduate Business Professors list by Poets & Quants.

With this list Poets & Quants went on a search to find, “the Picassos among undergraduate business school professors.” When remarking on this list of professors Poets & Quants states, “everything starts and ends with an innate passion to see students do more than just thrive in their careers. These teachers want to see their students succeed at life.”

"I am not surprised and could not be more proud of Professors Opie and Coyle for receiving this national honor," says Undergraduate School Dean Ian Lapp. "From our junior to senior faculty, each one of our professors contributes to a transformative learning experience for our students and the recognition of Professors Opie and Coyle is a shining example of this great work."

Professor Opie

According to Poets & Quants, “Where Tina Opie thrives most is in tackling tough subjects related to leadership and diversity. Inside the classroom, this organizational behavior professor is known for bringing a huge amount of energy and humor, but blending it with a real seriousness and respect for what she teaches. The result is her ability to facilitate some of the best, most thoughtful discussions ever conducted around diversity.

She takes on nearly every diversity-related topic you can think of. From race and ethnicity, to body type, to the focus on black women and their natural hair. Her research and teaching focuses primarily on how organizations can create workplaces that successfully leverage these individual differences and convey respect for individual contributions. 

With students, Professor Opie has developed a rapport described as ‘amazing’ as they constantly seek her advice on careers, relationships, and leadership challenges. In 2016, Babson recognized Professor Opie with the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence as well as the Dr. Martin Luther King Leadership Award.”

Professor Coyle

According to Poets & Quants, “Had someone told William Coyle that he’d end up a business school professor and an expert on all things Russia as a major force in global business, he’d wouldn’t have believed them. Yet, after graduating with an MBA, ‘I had Wall Street opportunities for good pay, but I passed that up to be a poor PhD student,’ he said in a 2015 article. Coyle reflects on the visit to Russia that sparked his unexpected obsession with the country. 'This is a country that is never boring. It touches three continents, employs a strong military, serves as a key supplier of gas and oil to Europe, and enjoys veto power on the U.N. Security Council.’ As a result, Coyle has led 30 groups of Babson MBA and undergraduate students to Russia, totaling more than 800 students.

Inside the classroom, where he teaches accounting Financial Accounting and Auditing to undergraduate students, he is highly regarded. He’s known for his storytelling and humor. As one student put it, ‘GREAT professor, very persuasive and hilarious, everyone loves him, I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HIM.’”

Professor Coyle just celebrated 25 years teaching at Babson College.

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By Shannon Sweeny,, (781) 239-4621 | 09/20/2017 02:00