Shiv Nadar University announces its partnership with Babson College, along with curriculum and program updates that continue to set it apart as one of India's foremost interdisciplinary universities.

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A stellar course design, powered by proven leaders, set at an optimum location promises excellence! Often referred to as one of India˙s foremost research led, interdisciplinary universities, Shiv Nadar University offers a full range of academic degree programs which include undergraduate, postgraduate and professional degrees across a number of disciplinary fields.
The university has been proving its academic prowess in the educational industry through the School of Engineering, School of Natural Sciences, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, with plans to roll out other schools including the School of Business in the coming years.
The form of teaching adapted by this institution sets itself apart from the rest by constantly breaking new ground and often treading unchartered territory with its strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research. Thus, doing away with the orthodox and obsolete techniques of imparting education. The university takes pride in formulating a flexible common core of undergraduate courses. These courses are coupled with the ability to allow students to choose multiple electives for enhanced breadth of learning.
Shiv Nadar, Founder of HCL, Chairman of HCL Technologies and the Shiv Nadar Foundation, says, “World class educational institutions play a strategic role in contributing to the knowledge and human capital needs of a country. Excellence in global education is driven by research; cross disciplinary learning and the ability to attract the best faculty and students. Indian higher education also needs to inculcate innovation-led interdisciplinary curricula to become globally relevant and find solutions to matters of national importance. The Shiv Nadar University has been envisioned to bring world-class pedagogy to India with a sharp focus on research and interdisciplinary education.”
The Shiv Nadar Foundation also ensures its involvement in the “Green Movement” by making significant investments in building eco-friendly as well as durable institutions of excellence. The Shiv Nadar University is located on a sprawling 286 acre campus located in the Greater Noida area. With over 80% of the campus consisting of landscaped area, the college grounds have been designed as a Green campus with energy efficient architecture, to establish an environmental benchmark in the education sector in India.
Taking into consideration the need for entrepreneurship education in India, the Shiv Nadar University has partnered with Babson College, the world’s best business school for entrepreneurship. These two esteemed institutions have joined hands to offer global leading programs in Entrepreneurship Education to India. Babson’s MBA program has been ranked as the 1st with respect to entrepreneurship for 19 consecutive years by U.S. News & the World Report. The collaboration would leverage Babson’s expertise in entrepreneurship education to develop India-focused leading entrepreneurial education and help take Indian enterprises to even greater heights.
Nikhil Sinha, Founding Vice Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University, talks about the predominance of entrepreneurship in managerial India- “India’s distinct entrepreneurial nature is reflected in its family-run businesses and the new first generation enterprises. While individuals and business families in India have displayed sharp business acumen and have established global recognition, there is a need for structured and formal intervention through education to nurture and promote leadership in entrepreneurship. The collaboration would leverage Babson’s expertise in entrepreneurship education to develop India-focused leading entrepreneurial education and help take Indian enterprises to even greater heights.”
This partnership will also pave the way for the creation of the Center of Entrepreneurship at SNU. The Centre for Entrepreneurship will serve as a centre of excellence for entrepreneurship in India in entrepreneurship research, incubation programs, outreach programs and case studies, enhancing India’s quality of enlightened blue collar corporate leaders.
Additionally, the esteemed institution has introduced numerous scholarships in order to help students in pursuit of an outstanding education to finally attain their goals. The Shiv Nadar University has introduced scholarships for students who are meritorious in their academics, students who have a history of outstanding performance in other fields, making their states and countries proud and also students who are in search of an opportunity to receive a world class education but cannot afford it.
Shiv Nadar University has thus once again centered it’s principles around the need of efficiency and innovation in the educational industry, proving to be one of the leaders in the fields of engineering, management and entrepreneurship practices.
Media contact:
Sumit Saxena,
Shiv Nadar University

By Nancy Sullivan, | 05/11/2012 05:45