An exciting new contest for a Startup America Member to win consulting services

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An exciting new contest for a Startup America Member to win consulting services from a Babson College Fast Track MBA student team supported by a Babson faculty member and Babson Entrepreneur-in-Residence Daymond John of ABC’s Shark Tank.

The Babson Team, consisting of members of an experiential learning course, has an average of 15 years of industry experience. The Team will provide approximately 200 hours of consulting time over a period of six weeks, starting October 23 and concluding on or before December 21, 2012. Instead of a consulting fee, the Team will earn academic credit in Babson’ Management Consulting Field Experience.


Each participating Member must submit a two-minute video (no special effects, only the Member business team and a camera) that highlights:


• What problem their business is solving and how they are differentiated in the industry

• Why their team is the unique and capable of sustaining an advantage in the industry

• Why having a team of Babson business students helping their business would be a game changer


The winning Startup America Member will access Babson’s renowned Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®approach to develop a strategic plan that will drive sustainable business growth. The Babson Team will start by analyzing the business’ current financial performance, utilizing a proprietary Business Advantage Tool, which identifies functional areas and processes that can be improved to increase overall profitability. Based on the analysis from the Tool, the winning Member and Babson Team will develop a project plan. They will also set a schedule for routine Skype calls in order to understand and develop alternative solutions for targeted functional areas including IT, human resources, operations, production and sales.


The winning Startup America Member will also win a copy of the Business Advantage Tool.

For Full Contest Details, Rules and Eligiblity Requirements visit the below Event Page

This event is for registered Startup America Members only.

Click here to join.

By Hilary Katulak,, | 09/27/2012 04:36