Twenty-seven promising teams to join ten-week intensive entrepreneurial experience through Babson’s Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship

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Babson has selected 27 new entrepreneur teams to join the 2016 Summer Venture Program at its Wellesley, Massachusetts and San Francisco, California campuses—a signature initiative of the institution’sArthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship.

The ten-week intensive experience is designed to accelerate the development of the most promising entrepreneurs from Babson College, Olin College of Engineering, and Wellesley College.

This year, as part of the new pilot program in San Francisco, recent Babson alumni have also been invited to participate, in addition to graduate and undergraduate students. Babson extended the program to San Francisco in 2016 following seven years of continued success at the main campus.

Sixteen teams make up the newest Wellesley cohort, while eleven more will become the first to participate in Babson’s expanded program out west. Throughout the summer, participants will receive work space, advisors, expert sessions, and other resources designed to help their businesses develop from a minimum viable product or service to a launched business.  

The experience will culminate at the Summer Venture Showcase, taking place on Thursday, July 28 in Wellesley and Thursday, August 4 in San Francisco – a celebration during which participants present their work to professional investors and the community.

Wellesley Teams – Nicole Lakin MBA’17
Easy-to-use web-based software platform designed to organize and streamline every barn’s program.

Cleancult – Ryan Lupberger ’18 and Samuel Gaudet ‘18
Delivers the most effective, non-toxic laundry detergent directly to your door monthly.

Clubes de Ciencia Latin America – Luis Ortiz MBA’17 and Marcos Vinicius Tedrus Cezar Bento MBA’17
Nonprofit organization convening top university scientists to teach STEM+IE sciences in Latin America.

Dkora Box – Isabella Soto MBA’16
E-commerce platform that provides ready-to-buy curated boxes of essentials and décor per room.

DropZone – Courtney Wilson MBA’17
Connects military veterans with independent, verified resources, personalized to their needs and wants.

Hostel Point, Co. – Peter Creech MBA’17, Leo Robiglio MBA’17, and Ankit Newaskar MBA’17
Booking platform and social network through which users choose hotels based on mutual interests with other guests, and communicate and plan activities with one another before they arrive.

LIXA – Michael Leahy ’18 and Jamie Steenbakkers ‘18
Waterless shave gel that’s also a moisturizer, making it perfect to use on the go.

Load&Road LLC – Kazu Kawanobe MBA’16, Abhinav Sureka MBA’16, and Mayuresh Soni MBA’16
Creator of Teplo, which provides the next generation tea experience.

Lucky Ly – Lyana Kahn MBA’16
Creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for young women, providing them with the means to create their own jewelry and accessories business.

Melanites – Jennifer Peirre MS’16
Toy company expanding representation and diversity with the first line of boy dolls of color.

Orbit Interface – Joanna Geisinger MBA’17
Platform for hospital and devices companies to share real-time data, improving efficiency, accuracy, and safety during surgeries.​​

Raised Right – Braeden Ruud MS’16
Subscription service that delivers natural, human-grade, custom-portioned pet meals to your doorstep.

Rapidocc – Chirag Shah MBA’16 and Ashok Vairavan
SaaS for medical clinics and practices that streamlines the after-hours call process for patients and providers.

Terpi – Sam Barber’16 and Robert Lally
Cannabis-infused beverage company that creates different effects.

Think Board – Hanson Grant ‘16
Helps students, innovators, and entrepreneurs create a new thinking space by turning any existing surface into a dry-erase board.

San Francisco Teams

Brown Bag – Ashwin Mysore MBA’14
Mobile app that makes it easy for people within a company to have lunch together.

DayP​op​ – Jonathan Kong MBA’17
Recommends events tailored to the individual’s needs and interests and analyzes data to increase the quality and quantity of events in the area.

DeTour – Dinesh Rajasekhar MBA’17, Sarath Chandran MBA’17, and Dishank Kukreja MBA’17
An interactive online platform that connects student travelers with locals, exposing them to the indigenous spirit of the place in which they reside. 

Earth Loans – Joe McHugh MBA’17
Makes market leading, environmentally friendly technologies affordable by adjusting rate and term of the loan.

Grow – Michael DeMaria MBA’15 and Alex Meek MBA’15
Automated investment service application exclusively focused on socially-responsible investing.

Kiwi International – Michael Corkrum ‘15
Adds a high-protein and micro-nutrient supplement to Gari and rice to provide a complete, nutritious meal to locals in West Africa.

Modification Post – Philip Motto ’18
Automotive social media platform that publishes crowd-sourced content.

SCB by Motiontron – Tejesh Makanawala MBA’14
Smart circuit breaker that avoids line shut down by predicting failure ahead of time and helps prevent manufacturing machine downtime.

Scootybees – Carey Fan MBA’12
Safe, convenient and reliable ride-sharing transportation for your children’s before and after school activities.

Shelfie – Brendan Barbato ‘17
Interactive and targeted marketing platform that creates crowdfunded photo competitions for charities.

Tectonics World – Gustavo Diaz ’17
Speaker event series that connects young minds with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and co-living spaces.​

About The Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship at Babson College

Dedicated in 1998, The Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship is the nerve center for entrepreneurial activity at Babson. The 6,000-square-foot center was named in honor of Arthur M. Blank ’63 H’98, co-founder of The Home Depot, and provides a home for members of the Entrepreneurship faculty, the Babs​on College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC)Diana ProjectGlobal Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices (STEP) Project, and the John E. and Alice L. Butler Venture Accelerator Program. The center focuses on expanding the practice of Entrepreneurship of All Kinds®​​ through innovative co-curricular programs and global collaborative research initiatives that inspire and inform Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®​. Outside the classroom, students live entrepreneurship through more than a dozen student-run entrepreneurship organizations and forums, and the Boston-area entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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