With the VoltCrowd $50K Challenge, 93 Finalists from 45 Cities across the US are being challenged to raise $50K each in 5 weeks in order to create 600+ jobs

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According to a recent article in the New York Times, 30,000+ Start-Ups have received funding to pursue their dream via Kickstarter, a popular creative arts focused crowd-funding platform.

This process is about to get a whole letter better for Start-Ups with Boston based VoltCrowd, a crowd funding platform that has resources that are similar to a start-up accelerator. With the VoltCrowd $50K Challenge, 93 Finalists from 45 Cities across the US are being challenged to raise $50K each in 5 weeks in order to create 600+ jobs.

Founders are provided a suite of unique support services including small group workshops that support the creation of Profiles, Videos, Rewards/Perks and Quick Pitches. Start-Up campaigns are “fun to browse on VoltCrowd” because all Founders have been through a process of simplification and refinement of their pitch.

“There are over 1.7 million start-ups created in the US and EU combined each year and less than 1% are funded by Angels or VC’s. Even if you have a breakthrough business model, solid traction and a rock star team, your chance of getting funded is still next to zero. With crowd funding, the power moves from a very small group of people deciding what comes to fruition, to the masses deciding if a product or service is viable and should be supported , ” says Founder, Johan de Borst, an MBA graduate of Babson College, the number 1 ranked school for Entrepreneurship.

VoltCrowd is looking to raise over $1 million collectively via this first challenge, (which operates until December 3rd – 12th) and will be donating 5% of their profits to the Red Cross, to assist in Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts. The next Job Creation Challenge - which de Borst hopes will include over 200 finalists - is slated to begin in January, 2013.

See below list of Finalists from California. To see more Finalists participating in VoltCrowd’s first Support Innovation and Job Creation Challenge visit:


Finalists from California:

• Urban Shuffle : A cloud based software solution that provides buisnesses the opportunity to engage in marketing strategies

• In the Weeds: A web-based application to organize the day-to-day operations of a restaurant

• The Style Club: An e-commerece/ social networking destination creating a true social shopping experience

• GorDog: A cost effective way for individuals and businesses to move to San Francisco

• The Locking Cap: The locking cap is the small safe that saves lives. This patent-pending product was designed to prevent prescription drug abuse among children, teens, and unauthorized users.

• My Job Community: MyJobCommunity leverages connections, personal relationships, and trust within a faith-based organization or other social community groups to give people a better and more effective way to find job-related opportunities.

For more information about VoltCrowd, the finalists or VoltCrowd’s first Job Creation Challenge, contact:

Johan de Borst

(617)-893-8448 or

Pattie Simone


To view an online press kit, please visit :

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