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Areas of study include Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish.

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Proficiency in another language is a valuable skill that will contribute to your competitiveness in many fields and industries. While the ability to communicate in another language will enhance your marketability no matter what field you pursue, there are some areas of study where studying a language is especially relevant. 

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Students who want to take a foreign language that is not currently offered at Babson (ie Italian, Greek, Russian, Hebrew) may cross-register at Wellesley College or Brandeis University. Only those courses not offered at Babson may be accepted for credit.

Babson is culturally diverse, and studying Spanish here helped me connect with many other students whose primary language is Spanish. I found myself constantly applying my developing conversation skills when talking with my suitemate from Madrid, a classmate from Chile, and several staff members on campus. I’m now confident enough to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country and I know I will apply so much of what I learned this semester in Cinema, Conversation, and Culture when I am immersed in this new culture.
Allie Lamb ’13
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