Writing Awards

The Conlon Awards are given annually to the best analytical writing by a first-year student. These awards commemorate Michael J. Conlon, a former Writing Center Consultant. The winners are chosen by a committee of students who are Peer Consultants from the Writing Center.

The 2022 Conlon Awards

1st Prize: Wendy Wang: “Can You Hear The Bauhinia Cry?

2nd Prize: Nora Ryan: "Inhumanity Personified"

3rd Prize: Sabiha Khatun: "Overcoming Patriarchal Norms: How the Barbi-Verse Addresses Femininity" 

The 2021 Conlon Awards

1st Prize: Julian Brodsky: "COVID-19: The Virus Infecting Workplace Gender Equality."

2nd Prize: Emily Magoon: "Gender and Politics: Equal, But Not Really."

3rd Prize: Derek Son: "Shame and Politics Converge: How the Comfort Woman Statue Serves as a Space of Engagement."

The 2019 Conlon Awards

1st Prize: Martina Garabedian: "Pragmatism: the Philosophical Concept Which Will Never Become Obsolete."

2nd Prize: Daniel Eisen: "Gender and Suicide Rates: What Role does Society Play?"

3rd Prize: Saanya Jhaveri: "Is Blind Recruitment the Answer?"  

The 2018 Conlon Awards

1st Prize: Cassandra Quintiliano: "Within a Leopoldian Community: Van Der Post's Understanding of Equality in the Human-Animal Relationship."

2nd Prize: Sydney Dowling: "As Above, So Below."

3rd Prize: Rex Ciavola: "The Marine Plastic Pollution Imperative: Unsustainable."

The 2017 Conlon Awards

Rhetoric I winner: Oussama Ouadani: "A Quivering Tailpipe: Cars and Their Thematic Significance."

Rhetoric II winner: Aiswarya Arul: "The Remnants of the Civil War."

AHS winner: Julianne Jeon: "Blurred Lines: History and Propagancda."

The 2016 Conlon Awards

1st Prize: Lucy Culleton: "The Virgin Double-Entendre."

2nd Prize: Adam Kershner: "Fourth Wall Fallen: An Examination of Metafiction in Literature and Cinema."

3rd Prize: Ashley Tango: "Why do we Keep 'Man's Best Friend' on a Leash?"

The 2015 Conlon Awards

1st Prize: Emily Purdom: "All Walser's World's a Stage."

2nd Prize: Shae Eldridge: "Feminism versus Motherhood."

3rd Prize: Yash Raj Agrawal: "Faceless."

The 2014 Conlon Awards

1st Prize: Rebekah Wade: "Instructions on How to Fall Asleep."

2nd Prize: Yulkendy Valdez: "Living Death: Examining the Ambiguities of Dying in The Tiger's Wife."

3rd Prize: Jacqueline Genova: "Tolkein's Revelation of Recovery."

The 2013 Conlon Awards

1st Prize: Maya Lacy: "A Place Where There Isn't Any Trouble: Dorothy Gale's Domestic Destination."

2nd Prize: Alexis Yioulos: "Wandering As an Act of Defiance."

3rd Prize: Pimprapat Snidvongs Na Ayudhay: "The Dynamic Self through the Eyes of Scott McCann."‚Äč