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Zachary Dunseth

  • Adjunct Lecturer
Academic Division: Mathematics, Analytics, Science, and Technology


Academic Degrees

  • Ph D, Tel Aviv University
  • MA, Tel Aviv University
  • BA, The George Washington University


Journal Articles

  • Bucking, S., Fuks, D., Dunseth, Z.C., Schwimmer, L., Erickson-Gini, T. (in press). Project Gallery: The Avdat in Late Antiquity Project: Uncovering the Early Islamic Phases of a Byzantine Town in the Negev Highlands. Antiquity.
  • Junge, A., Dunseth, Z.C., Shahack-Gross, R., Finkelstein, I., Fuchs, M. (in press). The archaeology and history of rock-cut cisterns and open water reservoirs in the Negev Highlands. . Bulletin of ASOR.
  • Junge, A., Dunseth, Z.C., Shahack-Gross, R., Finkelstein, I., Fuchs, M. (2021). Construction and use of rock-cut cisterns: a chronological OSL approach in the arid Negev Highlands, Israel. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences. Vol: 13, Issue: 9. Springer Science and Business Media LLC. link
  • Fuks, D., Dunseth, Z.C. (2021). Dung in the dumps: what we can learn from multi-proxy studies of archaeological dung pellets. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. Vol: 30, Issue: 1, Page: 137-153. Springer Science and Business Media LLC. link
  • Finkelstein, I., Römer, T., Nicolle, C., Dunseth, Z.C., Kleiman, A., Mas, J., Porat, N., Walzer, N. (2021). Excavations at Kiriath-jearim, 2019: Preliminary Report. Tel Aviv. Vol: 48, Issue: 1, Page: 47-72. Informa UK Limited. link
  • Gradoli, M.G., Waiman-Barak, P., Bürge, T., Dunseth, Z.C., Sterba, J.H., Schiavo, F.L., Perra, M., Sabatini, S., Fischer, P.M. (2020). Cyprus and Sardinia in the Late Bronze Age: Nuragic table ware at Hala Sultan Tekke. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. Vol: 33, Page: 102479. Elsevier BV. link
  • Butler, D.H., Dunseth, Z.C., Tepper, Y., Erickson-Gini, T., Bar-Oz, G., Shahack-Gross, R. (2020). Byzantine—Early Islamic resource management detected through micro-geoarchaeological investigations of trash mounds (Negev, Israel). PLoS ONE. Vol: 15, Issue: 10, Page: e0239227. Public Library of Science (PLoS). link
  • Bar-Oz, G., Weissbrod, L., Erickson-Gini, T., Tepper, Y., Malkinson, D., Benzaquen, M., Langgut, D., Dunseth, Z.C., Butler, D.H., Shahack-Gross, R., Roskin, J., Fuks, D., Weiss, E., Marom, N., Ktalav, I., Blevis, R., Zohar, I., Farhi, Y., Filatova, A., Gorin-Rosen, Y., Yan, X., Boaretto, E. (2019). Ancient trash mounds unravel urban collapse a century before the end of Byzantine hegemony in the southern Levant. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Vol: 116, Issue: 17, Page: 8239-8248.
  • Dunseth, Z.C., Fuks, D., Langgut, D., Weiss, E., Melamed, Y., Butler, D.H., Yan, X., Boaretto, E., Tepper, Y., Bar-Oz, G., Shahack-Gross, R. (2019). Archaeobotanical proxies and archaeological interpretation: A comparative study of phytoliths, pollen and seeds in dung pellets and refuse deposits at Early Islamic Shivta, Negev, Israel. Quaternary Science Reviews. Vol: 211, Page: 166-185. Elsevier BV. link
  • Finkelstein, I., Römer, T., Nicolle, C., Dunseth, Z.C., Kleiman, A., Mas, J., Porat, N. (2018). Excavations at Kiriath-jearim near Jerusalem, 2017: preliminary report. Semitica.
  • Dunseth, Z.C., Shahack-Gross, R. (2018). Calcitic dung spherulites and the potential for rapid identification of degraded animal dung at archaeological sites using FTIR spectroscopy. Journal of Archaeological Science. Vol: 97, Page: 118-124. Elsevier BV. link
  • Dunseth, Z.C., Finkelstein, I., Shahack-Gross, R. (2018). Intermediate Bronze Age subsistence practices in the Negev Highlands, Israel: Macro- and microarchaeological results from the sites of Ein Ziq and Nahal Boqer 66. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. Vol: 19, Page: 712-726. Elsevier BV. link
  • Finkelstein, I., Adams, M.J., Dunseth, Z.C., Shahack-Gross, R. (2018). The Archaeology and History of the Negev and Neighbouring Areas in the Third Millennium BCE: A New Paradigm. Tel Aviv. Vol: 45, Issue: 1, Page: 63-88. Informa UK Limited. link
  • Dunseth, Z.C., Junge, A., Lomax, J., Boaretto, E., Finkelstein, I., Fuchs, M., Shahack-Gross, R. (2017). Dating archaeological sites in an arid environment: A multi-method case study in the Negev Highlands, Israel. Journal of Arid Environments. Vol: 144, Page: 156-169. Elsevier BV. link

Book Chapters

  • Kleiman, A., Dunseth, Z.C. (2022). Area W: Sounding in the Northeastern Sector of the Mound.: Megiddo VI: The 2010-2014 Seasons. Eisenbrauns.
  • Thum, J., Dunseth, Z.C. (2022). Stone Vessel Fragments from Settlement Contexts: Megiddo VI: The 2010-2014.
  • Dunseth, Z.C., Walzer, N. (in press). Area B: Stratigraphic Report: Kiriath-jearim: The 2017-2019 Seasons. Eisenbrauns.
  • Dunseth, Z.C., Kalisher, R. (2021). Spoilage: T&T Clark Handbook of Food in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel. T&T Clark. link


  • There and back again: Readjusting to America. Workshop: Navigating the “In Between”: Identifying a Career Trajectory in Academia for the Early Career Scholar Dunseth, Z. ASOR Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL (2021)
  • The Negev and surrounding regions during the late 3rd millennium BCE: An update from the south. Dunseth, Z. Egypt and the Mediterranean World from the late fourth through early third millennium BCE, Jerusalem, Israel; Cairo, Egypt; Sydney, Australia (2021)
  • Dung and Desert Copper: Evaluating 3rd Millennium BCE desert subsistence at the macro- and microscales. Dunseth, Z. Pitt-Rivers Archaeological Science Seminar Series, Cambridge, UK (2021)
  • The Early Bronze Age in the South: View from the Negev Dunseth, Z. Nomads in Archaeology: View from the South, Tel Aviv University (2020)

Professional Services

  • Board Member International Committee on Open Phytolith Science (ICOPS) (2021 - Present)

Professional Memberships

  • International Phytolith Society (2021 - 2021)
  • Society for Classical Studies (2020 - 2021)
  • Archaeological Institute of America (2018 - 2021)
  • American Schools of Oriental Research (2014 - 2021)