Advanced Liberal Arts Curriculum

Required 20 credits – 3000–4000 Level

The Advanced Level is the capstone of the three-level Liberal Arts curriculum and completes the Liberal Arts requirement. Advanced Level courses challenge students to think with increased confidence, independence, and creativity about the material. They will be expected to synthesize or apply disciplinary approaches or to express their own views in creative ways. For example, they may be asked to bring their own contributions to class, to lead class discussions, to write independent critical research essays, or to carry out creative projects.

Students must take 20 credits to complete the Advanced Level of their Liberal Arts program. They are encouraged to choose or design a concentration for their Advanced Level courses, consisting of three 4-credit courses that are related in terms of a competency or a theme.

General Credit

Courses for General Credit fall outside the liberal arts required program. These include courses in the fine and performing arts and elementary level language courses.