Foundation Curriculum

Required 12 credits â€“ 1000 Level

Courses at the foundation level are issue and theme focused with the objective of establishing a foundation of abilities and intellectual standards, which are grounded in the Babson College Core Competencies. The Foundation Level of the curriculum has two components totaling 12 credits. All students take a four-credit AHS Foundation course. They also take two four-credit courses in academic writing.

AHS: The Arts and Humanities/History and Society Foundation courses engage a combination of perspectives, including aesthetic, ethical, historical and societal, to explore a particular topic or theme. Exploring a topic such as nature, justice, or memory, for example, through a rich array of perspectives​ aims to develop the ability to see that all interpretations are impacted by the context, values, and attitudes of the interpreter—including, of course, our own. We use course materials from a range of media and genres to explore the topic and learn to use complexity and ambiguity to enrich and deepen our inquiry. This theme-based course aims to establish a foundation of skills that anticipate the more disciplinary and interdisciplinary analytical skills that are introduced at the Intermediate Level of the Liberal Arts Curriculum.

For more detailed information on the Writing Program:

Student Guide to Writing Program 2021-22 (pdf)

General Credit

Courses for General Credit fall outside the liberal arts required program. These include courses in the fine and performing arts and elementary level language courses.