Matthew Johnson ’25

Matthew Johnson ’25

Babson is going to help further my leadership skills, and prepare me for a variety of career paths after college.”

If he’s not in school, Matthew Johnson ’25 is doing business.

“Working on new projects, maintaining current projects, and consuming business-related content,” says the Miami, Florida, resident.

With a friend, Johnson co-founded a venture called Quarantine Cooks, a subscription-based service providing software to members. It started as an app that would alert users when much sought-after items such as above-ground pools, video game consoles, and gym weights became restocked on websites during the pandemic.

They soon monetized the venture at Johnson’s urging, and charged subscribers a fee to use their technology. They quickly turned a hefty profit for their subscribers, which ultimately made their venture attractive to would-be buyers. The pair sold the company after three months.

Johnson’s latest venture is reselling art work, which has earned him more than six figures to date.

Why did you choose Babson?
I chose Babson for its prominence in entrepreneurship, while also being such a great overall business school.

But, I also know that entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business. Babson is going to help further my leadership skills, and prepare me for a variety of career paths after college. I’m looking forward to getting hands-on experience in a variety of settings.

What was it like growing up in Miami?
I’m half-Cuban—my mom is from Cuba and my dad is from New York. In the early years of my childhood, I was not proud of being Hispanic. I didn’t want to learn Spanish at all. But, my Cuban family is here in Miami, and Miami is such a vibrant city, that eventually things started to change for me.

Between my interactions with my friends, and really enjoying the city of Miami, this experience has shown me the value of culture, and being proud of where you come from.

What does the Blank Scholarship mean to you?
Only six people are chosen to be Blank Scholars each year, and with that, comes a great deal of responsibility. There is an expectation to be great. I want to fulfill that expectation, and lead by example.