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Babson College’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership is pleased to offer the Babson Women’s Leadership Academy (BWLA), giving women high school students the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the strengths, power, and abilities that they already have while increasing their confidence around communication and building a plan to reach their goals!

At the BWLA, we take Babson’s world-renowned curriculum and apply a gender lens, so that participants leave with new tools to help them navigate different environments and achieve whatever goals they set for themselves! We also surround our students with role models, a community of champions, and the opportunity to test things out in a comfortable way, all of which can be critically important to increasing self-assurance.

At the start of the BWLA program, we ask students to set a goal for themselves, which they focus on and take action towards for the full six weeks. Whether they’re interested in running for student council, speaking up more in class, or looking for an internship, the BWLA will give them a framework to map out what they want to achieve and a better sense of the skills and network they already have in order to get there! With their goal in hand and our framework to guide them, each student will take one small step toward their goal each week and report out on it so by the end of the program, they’re on their way to achieving what they want!


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This program has shown aspects of who I am that I have not seen before. I am more confident 
in coming out of my comfort zone and communicating with others. Thank you for all the wonderful guest speakers and peer mentors. I had a wonderful experience!
- Women’s Leadership Academy Participant, Age 17, Arlington Texas

Our Secret Sauce

The Women's Leadership Academy has been built on a tried and tested foundation of content, which gives young women the opportunity to identify, own, and leverage their power to help them reach their goals! There are two core components of this program that help us do just that:

First, we see extraordinary young women who may not know the power that they already have or can see it but don't necessarily know how to own it. That's why we dedicate time to helping them understand and uncover their unique leadership strengths, which comes from a tested method that the Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership has used in its award-winning programs. This exercise - the Reflected Best Self Exercise™ (RBSE) - is a feedback-seeking exercise that helps WLA participants identify and understand their unique strengths and talents. Before the program begins, they will be asked to gather feedback from significant people in their lives (with some help from us), and then be guided through the process of creating a portrait of their best self and an action plan for leveraging their strengths.

Second, we use real-world goal setting and Babson College's one-of-a-kind Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® (ET&A™) methodology to help WLA participants set an approachable goal and take actionable steps towards that goal each week. We also ask them to present on that goal and what progress they've made in order to help keep them on track (while giving them opportunities to practice public speaking)! At the end of the six weeks, each person will leave the program having taken actual steps towards achieving their goal, which will let them look back and say, I know that I can do this because I've already started doing it!

What You’ll Walk Away With

At the completion of this program, participants will walk away with a plan and a new set of tools and knowledge that will move them towards accomplishing the goals they have right now. Those include: 

  • A new understanding of the unique strengths that they already have and how to develop and own them to become a more impactful and authentic leader at their school, on their team, or in their community.
  • A plan to reach a goal that they set for themselves which is built on a repeatable process to overcome challenges and take small steps forward, which can be used no matter what they try and achieve next!
  • A map of their current network and a better understanding of how they can leverage it to achieve what they want!
  • Greater self-assurance created by working with near-peer role models, receiving support from a community of champions, and taking actionable steps towards achieving their goals!
  • A new framework for public speaking that they can use in different situations like class presentations and speeches.
  • Greater communication confidence that comes with practice. They will have a lot of opportunities to speak up in groups (both large and small), present, and get feedback. 

College-Prep (Optional):

For those students who are looking to apply to college, we are now including an additional, optional session, where they can engage with a Babson admissions counselor and current undergraduate students. In this session they will:

  • Develop a new understanding of the college experience by meeting with near-peer undergraduate women who can answer their questions about the search and application process, and what life is like as an undergrad.
  • Gather information on the college search and application journey from our college admissions counselor, including when to start looking, when to reach out for recommendations, and when to apply!

Built by Babson’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership

At Babson’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) we are closing the gender gap in business, one female leader at a time. We educate and empower women to create impact while enlightening the global community about the importance of female leadership.

As the first center ever focused on women entrepreneurial leaders at a business school, CWEL is one of the most visible and important ways Babson supports women. We work diligently to create opportunities for our students and stakeholders, while creating award-winning programs for the larger business ecosystem.

In 2017, the college was named the number 1 school for women entrepreneurs who want to change the world thanks to CWEL’s diverse programming, exclusive events, access to cutting-edge experts, and hands-on coaching that impacts a diverse set of stakeholders from around the world.

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