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C200's CHAMPION Program

C200’s CHAMPION Program powered by Babson College’s WIN Lab Global

C200’s CHAMPION Program was created with the intention to support women-owned businesses. Through research and the shared real-life experiences of our entrepreneurial C200 members, we understand women entrepreneurs could greatly benefit from 1) access to a peer network and mentors, 2) educational opportunities to enhance their business acumen, and 3) access to funding. 

C200’s CHAMPION Program will offer participants:

  • A Professional Network: Participants will be placed into a cohort of their peers and paired with C200 members who will act as professional mentors, coaches, and confidants.
  • Educational Content Through Babson College’s WIN Lab Global: Babson College’s Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab Global will provide the education for the first 12-weeks of the program. The educational content will focus on the entrepreneur herself and the business.
  • $25,000 Grant from C200: Participants will receive a $25K grant to their company for their participation in the program. With the addition of the curriculum, the total benefit of the grant totals over $30K.

12 Weeks of Business Curriculum powered by WIN Lab Global

As part of C200’s CHAMPION Program, participants will be provided with 12-weeks of virtual business curriculum designed by Babson College the #1 school for entrepreneurship education in the world. Join a group of up to fifteen women entrepreneurs who have reached a minimum of $250k in annual revenue and have their sights on the million-dollar mark.  The program will provide access to vital business expertise and mentorship while holding you accountable to reach your goals.

The first cohort of C200’s CHAMPION Program is designed specifically for women-owned businesses seeking to hone their entrepreneurial leadership skills, grow their network, and gain resources to propel their businesses and professional growth. This  program aims to help  women entrepreneurs grow and sustain their ventures by offering a virtual accelerator that includes high-level coaching and business growth strategies to assist their businesses to perform successfully in current and future marketplaces

Program Highlights:

  • Split-Screen focus between Entrepreneur and Enterprise: We recognize that women build businesses differently. In the CHAMPION program, we look to elevate and empower women as founders and at the same time fuel their business growth
  • Designed by the #1 School for Entrepreneurship Education: Learn Babson’s one-of-a-kind Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® (ET&A™) methodology
  • Industry agnostic: We work with companies across all industries and channels. 
  • No Equity: Unlike many other accelerator programs C200 does not take equity
  • Multiplier Effect: We help companies strengthen their presence in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by making key connections and introductions. 
  • Gender Acumen: An understanding of how to manage the gendered dynamics of the entrepreneurial process
  • Grant Funding: C200 will proved $25k in grant funding to entrepreneurs who successfully complete the 12-week accelerator program

Grant Funding

$25,000 Grant from C200: Participants will receive a $25K grant to their company for their participation in the program. With the addition of the curriculum, the total benefit of the grant totals over $30K.

  1. To be eligible for grant funding your business will need to meet its federal, state, and local tax obligations to stay in good legal standing. Your business structure and location will influence which taxes your business has to pay. Please consult your tax professional to determine any tax obligations related to this grant. The Committee of 200, a 501(c)(3) organization, has a tax ID of 43-1438051.

About C200

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Achieve More

C200’s CHAMPION Program empowers women to grow their businesses by providing mentoring, education, access to business networks, and grant funding. C200’s volunteers are successful CEO’s and entrepreneurial women who provide mentoring, coaching, caring, and hard-won knowledge to our participants to help them grow their business venture, number of employees, revenue, and confidence. 

Although women open more businesses than men, their businesses have much lower average revenues – 88% are under $100K. By empowering women to grow their business, we empower them to be employers, industry influencers, revenue generators, and community builders. Women running larger organizations means women can affect cultural change and provide opportunities for future generations. Venture capitalists will no longer be able to ignore or underfund women-owned businesses; products will be created by and for women at a higher rate. Everyone wins when women have more influence in the business world.