The Diana Project™ strives to raise the awareness and expectations of women entrepreneurs seeking to grow their ventures. In particular, we focus on women’s approaches to acquiring financial and other resources as well as educating resource providers and policy-makers about the importance and advantages of support and investment in women-owned businesses. 

The Diana Project™ has two primary objectives:

  1. Demand Side – Women Seeking Financial Resources. To raise awareness and expectations of women entrepreneurs for the growth of their firms, to educate women entrepreneurs about the process of obtaining resources and growth capital.
  2. Supply Side – Resource providers in particular venture capital and all other forms of financing. To educate equity capital providers about opportunities for enhanced portfolio diversification and new investment possibilities through investment in women entrepreneur-owned businesses.

Diana International, spotlights high-growth, women-led ventures around the world. Global comparisons of women business owners’ attempts to access growth capital are examined and documented by research partners in host countries to determine if conclusions documented by the Diana Project™ in the U.S. apply worldwide. Currently, more than 300 researchers from 35 countries are involved with Diana International. This team of global scholars presents significant research that can be used as an impetus and foundation for policy implementation, training, and resources that help advance women entrepreneurs.

Diana International, launched in 2003, has two primary objectives:

  • To provide a platform from which to develop, conduct and share a global research agenda
  • To create an international community of scholars dedicated to answering the questions about women entrepreneurs and growth oriented businesses.