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Jamie Austin

IFE Mentor

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Jamie brings over 30 years travel industry experience, building strong ties with clients helping them identify their unique business needs and presenting the best solutions in business travel management. Jamie began his career with Austin Travel, a family owned business, working his way up to VP of Finance before shifting gears and spending 17 years as SVP of Sales and Account Management. In 2010, Austin Travel merged into Protravel and Jamie became Director of Online Business Solutions. After leaving Protravel, Jamie became COO of a community newspaper before returning to travel in 2019 with Omega World Travel.

Students can ask Jamie about:

  1. Working with siblings
  2. Working as a 2nd generation family member
  3. Selling a family business
  4. Dealing with a rapidly changing industry (travel)

About Omega World Travel

Omega World Travel is one of the largest business travel management companies in the U.S., with more than $1 billion in sales. About 70% of our volume is in business travel, and 30% overall is international in scope. We serve corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, government contractors, educational institutions, and more.

More about Jamie Austin

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