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Faculty at the Institute for Family Entrepreneurship

Faculty with Expertise and Research Interest in Family Entrepreneurship

The Institute for Family Entrepreneurship works closely with faculty at Babson who has expertise and research interest in Family Entrepreneurship.

Matt Allen
Matt Allen

Associate Professor, Faculty Advisor of the Institute for Family Entrepreneurship

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Leslie Charm Profile Picture
Leslie Charm

Senior Lecturer, Entrepreneurship Division


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Eliana Crosina Profile Picture
Eliana Crosina

Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship Division

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Caroline Daniels Profile Picture
Caroline Daniels

Senior Lecturer, Entrepreneurship Division and Director of the Fashion Entrepreneurial Initiative

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William Gartner
William Gartner

Bertarelli Foundation Distinguished Professor of Family Entrepreneurship

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Timothy Habbershon Profile Picture
Timothy Habbershon

Adjunct Lecturer, Entrepreneurship Division

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Alisa Jno Charles Profile Picture
Alisa Jno-Charles

Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship Division

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Ruben Mancha Profile Picture
Ruben Mancha

Assistant Professor, TOIM Division

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Ed Marram Profile Picture
Edward Marram

Senior Lecturer, Entrepreneurship Division

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Prasad Ramakrishnan Profile Picture
Prasad Ramakrishnan

Adjunct Lecturer, TOIM Division

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Angela Randolph Profile Picture
Angela Randolph

Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship Division

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Jay Rao Profile Picture
Jay Rao

Professor, TOIM Division

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Scott Taylor Profile Picture
Scott Taylor

Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship Division

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