Bradley Googins

Senior Fellow in Social Innovation

Bradley Googins received his B.A. in Philosophy and his Masters in Social Work from Boston College, and a Ph.D. in Social Policy from Brandeis University. He was a faculty member at Boston University for twenty years before joining the Carroll School of Management in 1997. He was the founder and Director of the Center for Work and Family which now resides at the Carroll School of Management. He was a National Kellogg Fellow from 1990-1997. He also served as the Director of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship located within the School, a research and executive education program with over 350 corporate members world wide.

His research interests include community relations, corporate citizenship, and work and family, and the role of business in Society. He has been the principal investigator on a number of research projects including The Impact of Work Redesign on Work-Family, an Evaluation of Family and Neighborhood initiatives, Work and Family Issues Among Leaders, and Productivity and Corporate Child Care Programs. His recent publications have appeared in the California Management Review,Harvard Business Review, The Journal of Corporate Citizenship, as well as chapters in edited books on corporate citizenship and accountability. His current research interests include corporate citizenship and the role of business in society. He is the principal investigator on a number of research grants, including Business Leadership in Society, (Ford Foundation), and The State of Corporate Citizenship in the United States (Hitachi Foundation). He has also developed a new framework on the Stages of Corporate Citizenship (California Management Review 2006). He is building a global network of institutions from across the globe who are also focused on corporate citizenship that will promote cross national research and education, facilitate global dialogue, and serve as a resource for the field. He is currently developing initiatives in social innovation and the role of business in society.

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