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Robert Annunziata

Founder of Teleport Communications Group

Annuziata founded the country’s first and largest competitive local exchange carrier, Teleport Communications Group (TCG).

Annuziata built TCG from the ground up and for 15 years he served as chairman and chief executive officer. In 1998 he sold the company to AT&T for $12 billion. TCG, which is now the local services of AT&T, laid 10,000 miles of fiber optic cable and built 50 local switches connecting 85 major U.S. metropolitan service areas. After the sale of TCG to AT&T, Annunziata accepted the role of president of AT&T’s business services group which is responsible for AT&T’s global network and for providing voice, data, and Internet services to 8 million business customers worldwide.

Annunziata joined Global Crossing Ltd. as chief executive officer and a director in February 1999. Global Crossing, founded in 1997, is building the world’s first seamless fiber optic network which, when complete, will connect more than 170 leading business cities worldwide. For more information on global crossing, please visit