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Leslie C. Quick, Jr.

Co-founder of Quick & Reilly

In 1974, Les Quick founded Quick & Reilly on the principles of customer before company and ethics before profitability.

The firm soon became the first member of NYSE to offer discount transaction fees to retail investors, and is currently listed as leading discount broker in the US behind Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investors. Since its inception, Quick & Reilly has increased growth and profitability each quarter, earning itself a spot in the best 200 small companies in America named in 1993 by Forbes magazine. Third Quarter Ended November 29, 1996 posted a 22% increase of net income to $18,437,000. Currently The Quick & Reilly Group, Inc., consists of three subsidiaries: Quick & Reilly, Inc., U.S. Clearing Corp., and the JJC Specialist Corp.

The company recently established a presence in the international market through their Quick & Reilly Limited subsidiary. It offers institutional discount brokerage services through an office near Zurich and an office in London. Combined, the subsidiaries represent 116 national brokerage offices, an execution and clearing service with a client base of over 300 firms, and a market for 280 New York Stock Exchange issues, representing 230 companies, including 44 S&P 500 corporations.

In 1950, Quick graduated from Widener University with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. His business experience includes vice president and business manager of Forbes magazine and president of Leslie Quick Associates, a money management firm that Quick founded prior to the Quick & Reilly Group.

The company is a conservative, family-run business that has been deliberately slow to expand to avoid exposure in depressed business cycles, and bases the company’s success on low cost service for investors, strategic growth and acquisition and effective cost control. Since 1983 Quick & Reilly has provided their customers with convenient electronic access to trading services. Quick attributes strong results this quarter in part, to the successful launch of QuickWay Net, a 24 hour trading service on the Internet.