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Anita Roddick

Founder of The Body Shop

“Profits with principles”

Her formula is simple: profits with principles…and for Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, it works.

Starting with a $7,000 loan and a desire to produce and sell cosmetics made from fruit and oil rather than animal fats, Roddick hired a local chemist and began selling her products from a small shop in Brighton, England. Today, The Body Shop Plc. is one of the world's most successful young companies, with more than 700 stores.

But profits are not Ms. Roddick's chief concern. "Our business is about two things: social change and action, and skin care," she says, "social change and action come first."

"Business can be a force for social change," says the highly successful entrepreneur who has also been called part human rights activist, part rain forest savior, and part environmental educator. According to Anita Roddick, "You must give back to the community, give back to the environment, and give back to the Third World."