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B.E.T.A. Challenge Semifinalists

Learn more about the 2020 B.E.T.A. Challenge Semifinalists.

Alumni Semifinalists

1Room »

Delivers a country's national high school curriculum

Dash Beyond Interactive Media Private Limited »

An interactive career encyclopedia game

M A Y U »

A sustainable luxury brand promoting a conscious way of life

oveRNight RN »

Improves surgical outcomes and safety

TakkaCor Technologies »

Taking the smart home outdoors

Ultimately »

A social journaling platform


Graduate Semifinalists


Creates baby alpaca accessories using luxury baby alpaca wool


Produces and sells seafood products

Busy Boda »

Helps motorcycle riders become micro-entrepreneurs

Hoamsy »

Provides guidance and facilitation through the apartment rental process

Rostock »

A digital media services and software platform that helps consumer brands

UNfabricated »

Creates authentic, socially and environmentally sustainable products


Undergraduate Semifinalists

Arist »

The first text message learning platform

Copperforge LLC »

Enables STEM education

Flight Squad »

Book and manage travel with a single message

Goba Tea »

The first healthy and shelf-stable boba

KnowWaste »

Provides industrial waste upcycling services

TicketRev »

A reverse marketplace for event tickets



Jeremy Bhatia ’11 and Michael Beeler
1Room delivers a country's national high school curriculum through tablets in one room with one teacher.


Dash Beyond Interactive Media Private Limited

Aakaanksh Pothukutchi ’13
Dash Beyond is an interactive career encyclopedia game that motivates students to explore at least 50 careers, 30 courses and 15 colleges before they finish the 11th grade and apply to college.        



Mayura B. Davda MS’16
M A Y U is a sustainable luxury brand promoting a conscious way of life with a current focus on accessories and handbags. Imagined in Iceland | Designed in New York | Crafted in India.

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oveRNight RN

Michael Freyer MS’16
oveRNight RN bridges the gap between the operating room and living room by arranging transportation, specialized nursing care, and enabling information sharing to improve surgical outcomes and safety for patients with special medical or social needs.

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TakkaCor Technologies

Jeremy Singh MBA’18 and Milan Raj
We empower people to achieve sustainability by giving anyone a green thumb; we're taking the smart home outdoors.

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Scott Kirker MBA’12
Ultimately is a social journaling platform where you can reflect on the past, live in the present, and aspire to the future.

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Susan Ticse C’19 MBA’20 and Jeffrey Levine MBA’20
Altamira is a sustainable apparel company. We create baby alpaca accessories using luxury baby alpaca wool, made by indigenous artisans from the high Peruvian Mountains.




Félix Guelfucci MS’20
We produce and sell delightful seafood products and use part of our profit to empower people from underprivileged communities, fostering business creation and economic opportunities.



Busy Boda

Vaidehi Tembhekar MBA’21
Busy Boda is a motorcycle taxi hailing application in Nairobi to satisfy your courier and commuter needs. We aim to help motorcycle riders below the poverty line become micro-entrepreneurs.

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Richard O’Brien MBA’20, Neritti Lakshman MBA’20, Jules Bibonimana, Preet Murthy MBA’20, and Kaylin Goncalves MS’20
Hoamsy is a digital platform designed to provide guidance and facilitation through every step of the apartment rental process to students and young professionals moving to a new city.

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Alex Kennedy MBA’20
Rostock is a digital media services and software platform that helps consumer brands harness user-generated content (UGC) to make their video marketing more authentic and effective.

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Prabaarja Bedi MBA’20 and Rachna Bedi
UNfabricated creates authentic, unique, socially and environmentally sustainable products by up-cycling ‘usable’ waste fabrics generated in textile manufacturing firms and by employing women from low-income families in India.




Michael Ioffe ‘21, Ryan Laverty ‘20, Maxine Anderson ’22, and Joseph Passanante
Arist is the first text message learning platform, helping leading organizations create, deploy, and assess text message courses, drastically improving learning and training.

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Copperforge LLC

Solomon Greenberg Olin Engineering ’22 and Benjamin Ward
Copperforge enables STEM education through high-quality, easy-to-use electrical and mechanical solutions for student robotics competitions.

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Flight Squad

Chris Lally ’20
The Flight Squad will learn your preferences so you can book and manage travel with a single message.

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Goba Tea

Noah Doris ’20 and Byron D’Mello
Goba Tea is the first healthy and shelf-stable boba, created to address the negligible shelf-life and extremely high calories that define the current boba tea market, uncapping previously repressed demand.

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Taline Karozichian ’20, Nicholas Bourdon ’20, and Gabriella Bourdon ’20
Know Waste is a clean-tech venture that provides industrial waste upcycling services to manufacturers.

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Jason Shatsky ’21 and Andrew Duca
TicketRev is a reverse marketplace for event tickets.

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