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2020 Teams

Meet the 2020 Summer Catalyst teams.

Activly »

The workout sharing app

Avanti »

Peer to peer tutoring for K-12 students


Delightful seafood products with a social impact

Cabana Health »

Social health without constraints

Summer Catalyst Teams_Venture Logo_CNF Rhinno


Carbon negative materials combating climate change

Disliz »

Collectable wrist watches featuring characters

Exidio »

The leader in transparent, end-to-end encrypted VPN technology

Flow Taxes »

Tax documentation system

Leue Home »

The Amazon of Ecuador


LIT Learning »

Language proficiency through digital stories

Mai Soli Foundation »

Revolutionizing how child marriage is solved through entrepreneurship


Ending food waste by turning scraps into mushrooms

ReServe »

A brand of innovative, stylish, and sustainable products

TicketRev »

First ever reverse marketplace for event tickets

UNFabricated »

Socially and environmentally sustainable "multi-occasion" wear


A public speaking training methodology using VR



Anna Bilha '21, Sarah Tarta '20, Grant Gelles '22, April Adams '22, Ambra Curetti 
With Activly, users can create workout plans using their own pictures or media from YouTube and Instagram as inspiration and share them with their friends, family, and teammates. 

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Alexander Fantappie '22, Matt Hashimoto, Dylon Shiao 
Avanti is a two-sided marketplace that connects adults looking for help with qualified high school students who can do the job.

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Jose Antonio A. Morente, Félix Guelfucci MSEL'20, Raed Attia MSEL'20, Franziska Ibscher MSEL'20, Mikel Badiola MSEL'20

We produce and sell delightful seafood products and use part of our profit to provide underprivileged communities access to quality food, fostering business creation, and economic opportunities through four social programs: local suppliers, livelihood creation, access to capital, and access to market.

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Cabana Health

MacBrennan L Peet' 22 and Tom Liu 
Cabana Health is a social health platform that brings communities together based on your holistic health profile.


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Summer Catalyst_Cropped Headshot_CNF
Summer Catalyst Teams_Venture Logo_CNF Rhinno


Wenlin Wu '21, Bruce Dietzen
CNF provides the carbon negative alternative to fiberglass and carbon fiber. 

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Pablo Uribe Haghenbeck MBA'21
Disliz is a watch brand featuring your favorite characters from popular media.

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Dan Edlebeck MBA'20, Srinivas Baride, Humam Malas, Tom David, Consolata Amode
Exidio builds open-source, custom VPN applications for enterprises and individuals to provide provable, secure, private networking.

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Flow Taxes

Andi Deng '20, Yifei (Aiwen) Ai, Sangwu Lee 
We are building a tax documentation system for public accountants

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Leue Home

Juan Leon MBA'20, Sebastián Wiesner
Leue Home is a company dedicated to the commercialization of household products via online through direct selling with ambassadors.

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LIT Learning

Mati Amin MSF'20, Chelsea Clater
LIT Learning is an input-based, language-acquisition tool for students and teachers. 

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Mai Soli Foundation

Aria Mustary '21, Aaron Wendell '20, Glen Ged '21
We are a global movement tackling gender inequality and the cycle of dependency amongst young women, through a combination of empowerment and entrepreneurship, transforming themselves, their communities, and the next generations of young women to come.

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Summer Catalyst Teams_Cropped Headshot_MATR


Padraig M Duna MBA’21, Tom Coughlan
MATR is on a mission to end food waste. We're doing that by growing real food on real food - turning what was waste into delicious, locally-grown urban produce.

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Mild (Waranchalee) Suwanpimolkul MBA'21, William Barber MBA'21, Plern (Chanisorn) Kasemsuth MBA'21, Jeremy Jordan CAM'20 
ReServe offers innovative, stylish, and sustainable products for trendsetters who want to "be the change" they wish to see in the world, to reduce single-use plastic trash, and preserve the environment for future generations.

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Jason Shatsky '21, Andrew Duca
TicketRev makes the process of buying and reselling tickets more convenient. Buyers create bids on events, enabling sellers to accept bids instantly.

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Prabaarja Bedi MBA'20, Rachna Bedi
UNfabrciated creates the finest socially and environmentally sustainable products such as face masks, apparel, accessories, and home furnishings, by up-cycling surplus fabric generated in textile manufacturing firms and by employing talented yet unrecognized women artisans of India.

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Sree Dasari '23, Liam Clancy
Reinventing the way you present, VADATI allows you to see your audience before your big day using virtual reality technology and an advanced heart rate analysis algorithm to provide accurate feedback.

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