Student Scholar Board Members

A select group of students are chosen to work in collaboration with the BIFETE Faculty Director and the BIFETE Director to help lead student engagement and outreach. This spring, Student Board members led the production of a symposium which was held virtually at Babson. 

Current BIFETE Student Board Members:

Michael Cantaluppi '22                           

Michael is a junior at Babson College concentrating in marketing. He is a member of the Men's Cross Country and Track and Field Teams, and he is passionate about sports and entertainment. Outside of Babson, Michael aspires to promote political values that strengthen business and entrepreneurship, as well as capitalistic principles that help build the United States.

Zachary Crilley '22

Zachary Crilley is a junior at Babson College. You may know Zack from his involvement around Babson’s campus in organization, departments, and clubs including the Blank Center, eTower, Institute for Family Entrepreneurship, and Sigma Phi Epsilon, as well as other organizations. In his role at the Butler Institute for Free Enterprise through Entrepreneurship, Zack is adding to the team his Washington insider knowledge and a strong vision for a bright Babson-led future.           

Ryan Wilson '22           

Ryan is a junior at Babson College. He competes for the Beavers on the Men's Cross Country and Track and Field Teams. While attending Babson, Ryan has consulted startups as a business developer. His perception of the world is macroscopic, with a mission to impact the lives of billions. Ryan conducts research centered around the importance of financial literacy for socioeconomic success