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Babson College is applying its 9 years of experience with the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor research to a similar research effort aimed specifically at Massachusetts. The Babson Entrepreneurship Monitor could find new ways to speed up economic growth at the state level.

Babson College is working with the State of Massachusetts to explore how entrepreneurship can fuel and accelerate economic growth for the Commonwealth. The work has important implications for the overall Massachusetts economy and for different regions of the State.

The methodology for the research is based upon the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), a project Babson co-founded nine years ago. This annual study of entrepreneurial activity in 52 countries accounts for 98% of the world’s GDP. It’s the most comprehensive study of its kind. But this level of detailed analysis, with our unique database, has never been applied at the state level in the U.S. Massachusetts is the first state to do so, and we plan to bring GEM to other states.

View the complete report: The Babson Entrepreneurship Monitor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Fueling Economic Development Through Entrepreneurship (pdf).

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Massachusetts 2010 Report

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Massachusetts 2010 Report (pdf), conducted by Babson College, recognizes the Commonwealth’s special entrepreneurial legacy.