Assistant Director, Leonard A. Schlesinger Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship

Rebecca advances the Leonard A. Schlesinger Fund’s efforts on the field of Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship (GHE) which is a nascent field of study that examines the systemic gaps in global healthcare systems that limits access, to affordable, safe and high quality healthcare in resource constrained settings. The goal of GHE is to empower individuals to apply Babson’s Entrepreneurial Thought & Action (ETA) to this problems both as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Prior to joining the Lewis Institute, she worked at MIT Sloan Executive Education.

Inspired by her experiences as a Haitian-American raised in both the US and Haiti, Rebecca founded a nonprofit organization, CHES, in 2008. Through her organization, she educates, mentors and funds entrepreneurs in rural areas of Haiti. To date, CHES has trained over 200 entrepreneurs of whom over 50% have been women. The organization has financed a women owned start-up that created five livable wage jobs in 2013.

This past August, CHES began working 50 entrepreneurs from a community in Southern Haiti who lost their livelihoods from the damage caused by the October 2016 Hurricane Matthew. This community requested CHES' assistance in launching a 1,500 hen poultry farm. CHES successfully launched the first phase of a three-year engagement with this community which involves the following activities: training, financial assistance, coaching, mentoring monitoring and evaluation.

Rebecca earned her MBA at here at Babson concentrating in Entrepreneurship and one of the inaugural cohort members of the Lewis Institute's Business & Social Innovation Intensity Track. She also holds a BS in Management from Bentley University.