Babson’s College’s ACTIVATE is a robust high school curriculum program preparing youth leaders to take on college, forge career paths, and change their communities.

ACTIVATE is a project-based, high school curriculum focused on providing an opportunity for students to turn their ideas into action. As part of our mission to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value, we help students work through the Babson methodology of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® using our resources and tools geared towards high school learners. The curriculum guides students to identify problems in their lives and create sustainable solutions.

Students first learn to identify their passions, then recognize problems in their communities as opportunities to develop ventures of value. This unique process fosters the skills necessary for students to build an entrepreneurial foundation and forge their own career path. By strategizing how to engage their networks, introduce their ventures to market, create an operations plan, and fund their businesses, students grow from budding entrepreneurs to future leaders. This intensive program culminates when students pitch their venture ideas in an internal peer competition with a call to action for funding or support.

The winning student teams then have the opportunity to compete in a rocket pitch battle of the ventures, the Babson Olympiad, where top teams have a chance to compete for prizes and prestige.

In 2019-2020, we will be bringing the ACTIVATE curriculum to The BASE in Roxbury, thanks to the $100K for 100 grant from the Cummings Foundation.


Program Design

Educator Professional Development: Whether to enhance existing programs or to prepare educators to deliver Babson’s curriculum, we aim to immerse educational partners in Babson’s methodology of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® through professional development. These opportunities will allow educators to activate the curriculum and empower students in new venture creation.

Educators Online Portal: Our online portal allows educators to deliver robust programming. The ACTIVATE portal acts as a forum for educators to collaborate, share materials and resources, and engage students. Support from program mentors can be found here along with templates, activities, a sample syllabus, and additional resources.

Digital Mentorship and Babson Events: Babson undergraduate students serve as near-peer advisers to program participants, and engage them through online support. Mentors will use the online platform Schoology to host digital office hours. They will also moderate discussion groups to support students with the development of their ventures and to provide feedback. In addition, students gain access to Babson events where they can engage with mentors and industry experts, on such topics as idea generation, feasibility, and presentation skills.

Babson Olympiad: The top two teams from each school are invited to compete against other schools in this battle of the ventures. Students will pitch their ideas to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs and innovators for seed money and bragging rights for winning the Babson Olympiad. Visit the Babson Olympiad page to learn more.

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