Ron Hubert

Senior Fellow in Social Innovation

Ron Hubert is a serial business entrepreneur, focused on the long term performance benefits of sustainable business practices. He founded and/or significantly expanded six businesses in several industries, including strategy consulting, education, real estate, and economic development. He earned an MBA from USC, and was an Adjunct Professor for 13 years in USC’s Graduate School of Business. Prior to that Ron held various positions in international banking with Crocker Bank, after teaching at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for 2 years.

After his retirement as a Senior Partner in the Deloitte & Touche strategy consulting practice, Ron earned an MS in Environmental Science and Policy and a Graduate Certificate in Conservation Ecology, both from Northern Arizona University (NAU) where he currently teaches in the School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, and in the Sustainable Communities Master’s program. His master’s thesis investigated performance metrics for sustainable communities.

Ron also serves as Managing Director of Hozho International, a strategy consulting company. Hozho is a Navajo word which incorporates the concepts of balance, harmony, beauty and well-being. His company helps organizations discover how these characteristics support superior economic performance. Ron’s firm has worked with a wide range of organizations including for-profit firms, philanthropic foundations, universities, tribes, non-profits, and government bodies to develop and implement comprehensive sustainability strategies.

Ron is one of the founders and a current board member of the Sustainable Economic Development Initiative of Northern Arizona (SEDI), and serves on the advisory board of the Master’s program on Climate Science and Solutions at NAU, as an advisor on community food programs at NAU’s Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, and as Vice Chairman of the board of Grand Canyon Youth. During his career, Ron has served on over 30 corporate, government and non-profit boards, including the Center for National Policy, the Museum of Northern Arizona, Haley & Aldrich, and the Coconino County Industrial Development Authority.

During his career, Ron has contributed to 6 business strategy/policy books, and published 28 articles and policy white papers. He has also authored numerous policy and strategy analyses for clients. Ron is currently working on his first novel.