Sean Webster

Youth Fellow in Social Innovation

Sean Webster is the founder of Copper Civic, a grassroots organization focused on improving the landscape of urban communities through civic engagement.  

As a social entrepreneur and a proud native of Roxbury, he believes that urban demographics possess a great deal of untapped resources that can be used to transform communities and cultivate the next generation of change agents. In addition, Sean serves as a youth advocate and an alumni mentor at The Base, a non-profit that uses sports and mentorship to shift the national mindset and re-imagine pathways to success for urban youth.

He is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University where he earned his bachelor's degree in business administration in 3 years. Sean is a self-starting creative thinker with ambitions to further his education in the future. Through his actions, he hopes to inspire young people from similar backgrounds to be relentless in their pursuit of wisdom and knowledge.