Social Innovation at Work

Social Innovation at Work is a new Uncommon Table within The Lewis Institute’s portfolio of crucial conversations for business and society.

Based on the BabsonX course, From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Social Innovation, Social Innovation at Work will provide candid conversations on how companies can move beyond philanthropy and compliance which have typically been the core drivers of corporate social value, purpose, and promise. How do we create more for our companies? What is required to move to Corporate Social Innovation in a time when innovation is needed more than ever?

The common bond amongst all of us is we are navigating increasing uncertainty and unknowability, and all talking about the “new normal.” At Babson, we actually see this time as creating a “dynamic normal,” and to live into that notion requires a shift in mindset. But the key question is, how can you make this shift?

Babson’s Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® methodology and social design principles are new tools all companies need in their toolkit for navigating the changing role of business and society in uncertain times. From the language we use to the experiments we start to who we engage and how we frame questions, how will we begin to define the pathway from CSR to Social Innovation?

As with all our Uncommon Table conversations, come when can, stay as long as you’d like. All are welcome.


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Thursday, May 21
1:00 -  2:00 p.m. EDT, Zoom meeting
The Dynamic Normal
How are your company, employees, and communities handling the COVID-19 crisis and coping? What are the challenges and bright spots? How is your workplace planning to open up and what will be different? Will there be a "new" normal?
with Cheryl Kiser, Brad Googins, and Phil Mirvis