Corporate Partner Program

Corporate Partner Program

Create Employee Training Programs that Build Entrepreneurial Leadership

As the #1 school for Entrepreneurship, we help organizations, big and small, develop entrepreneurial leaders who blend creative open-minded thinking, innovative problem solving, and a can-do mentality. Creating this entrepreneurial mindset is at the heart of every course within Babson Executive Education. Our diverse, experienced faculty are your partners in addressing the challenges that face your business and helping your team develop the knowledge and skills to foster innovation, growth and success. We have a wide array of employee training programs that prepare your team to lead as modern, inclusive, socially conscious entrepreneurial leaders.

Babson’s Corporate Partner Program gives you comprehensive learning and guidance from renowned thought leaders on your terms. Reimagine how you use corporate training solutions to develop entrepreneurial leaders at every level of your organization.

Become A Partner To Access Babson Entrepreneurship Expertise For Your Employee Training Programs

  • Choose the right level of support your organization needs, select from our Silver, Gold, or Platinum, or become a Strategic Alliance Partner, and plan corporate learning tied to your initiatives and changing demands
  • Gain flexibility in how you plan, fund and manage your corporate training program as a whole program, rather than one employee and course at a time
  • Extend the impact of our courses for individuals that come with your selected level through semi-custom workshops and custom executive leader roundtables on topics most important to your business
  • Enjoy discounts off of Babson’s part-time MBA, MSAEL program, and executive conference center rentals

Choose Your Level From Flexible Tiers of Corporate Training and Custom Learning Opportunities

Silver Partner

  • $10,000 Investment
  • 12 Course Units
  • 10% Discount on Open Enrollment

Gold Partner

  • $25,000 Investment
  • 24 Course Units
  • 1 Semi-custom Workshop
  • 15% Discount on Open Enrollment

Platinum Partner

  • $50,000 Investment
  • 48 Course Units
  • 1 Semi-custom Workshop
  • 1 Custom Executive Leadership Roundtable
  • 20% Discount on Open Enrollment
  Strategic Alliance Partner* Silver Partner Gold Partner Platinum Partner
Price Free $10,000 $25,000 $50,000
Corporate Training Programming and Customized Learning Opportunities
Course Units Included in package**   12 24 48
Semi-Custom Executive Workshop***     1 Workshop 1 Workshop
Custom Executive Leadership Roundtable****       1 Roundtable
Discounts on Babson Offerings
Open Enrollment Course Discount (in addition to course units) 10% 10% 15% 20%
Discount for Part-time Graduate Degree Programs 15% 20% 20% 20%
Discount for Meeting Packages at Babson Executive Conference Center       10%
Additional Benefits
Graduate Degree Program Extended Payment Plan and Application Fee Waiver  
Streamlined Invoicing through up-front contracts  
Waived Open Enrollment Substitutions and
Transfer Fees. Substitutions Accepted Until Program Registration Closing

*The Babson Strategic Alliance Program is ideal for those organizations seeking to partner with Babson in a free corporate sponsorship program where they can explore the Babson Graduate Program and receive related benefits.

**Course Units: One seat in a course can range from 1 to 6 course units. At each level of the Corporate Partner Program, you have a designated number of course units to use within the Babson Executive Education course catalog.
1 Unit Course priced at or below $1,999.99
4 Unit Course priced between $2,000 and $4,999.99
6 Unit Course priced between $5,000 and $7,500

Across Babson Executive Education courses are available in a variety of formats including in-person, live Online, and on-demand resources.

***Semi-custom virtual executive workshops are highly focused 60 to 90 minute learning experiences selected from a pre-set menu of topics by our Partner for delivery to a targeted segment of your workforce.

****Custom virtual senior leadership workshops consist of approximately two hours of learning and dialogue facilitated by a Babson faculty member on a topic of the Partner's choosing.

How This Program Can Work For You

As a corporate partner, we will work together to plan your employee training program and map out possible corporate learning paths matched to your business needs. This program:

  1. Puts you in the driver's seat to select which level of engagement will work with your employee development goals
  2. Gives you access to a rich portfolio of courses for individuals taught by world-class faculty focused on developing entrepreneurial leaders, inclusive leadership skills, and innovation capabilities
  3. Extends benefits throughout your organization through custom-learning sessions, webinars, and discounts
  4. Helps you explore how Babson's 20% discount on part-time graduate programs for working professionals and corporate Certificate in Advance Management (CAM) can extend your tuition benefit

Take a look at how some organizations are using the Corporate Partner to reimagine their employee training programs. The options are flexible and adaptable to fit your business initiatives.

Executive Leadership Roundtable and Corporate Partner course units for enrollment in Entrepreneurial Leadership Essentials

At the platinum partner level, a business is fostering an entrepreneurial mindset by empowering individuals to take action, solve problems, navigate uncertainty, and embrace ambiguity using the Entrepreneurial Leadership Essentials course for their employee training. To support this initiative for their leaders, they conduct an executive leadership roundtable with their top team to better encourage collaboration, innovation, problem solving, and creativity at all levels of their company.

Corporate Partner Program Experts

As a Babson corporate partner, you’ll gain access to the highly experienced Babson Executive Education faculty across a wide course catalog.

Professor of Innovation Management

Professor of Marketing

Senior Lecturer in Management

Susan Duffy

Susan Duffy, Co-Faculty Director, Women's Leadership Program

Associate Professor Scott Taylor, Management Division

Scott Taylor

Arthur M. Blank Endowed Chair for Values-Based Leadership

What Makes Babson Executive Education Different?

Babson Executive Education works with organizations and professionals around the world to turn ideas and challenges into opportunity. Babson cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset that is the basis for many of the world’s most innovative businesses and leaders.

At Babson, we believe in action. We equip you with the practical tools and strategies necessary to drive your business forward.

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