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Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Drive your company’s brand performance and business growth

Too many brands lack focus. They are simply brand namesnot name brands. Brands need to create a distinctive brand voice, an emotional connection to capture mindshare which drives market share and customer loyalty. Many brands are perceived as simply commodities and are purchased for one thing alone: price. Countless brands are clearly copying others, falling short of creating a unique value proposition that is authentic, relevant, and flat out remarkable. Brands are one of a company’s most important financial assets - it's the engine that drives the business. In this program, engage in a one-of-a-kind collaborative idea exchange with peers determined to take their brands to the next level.   

Learn Essential Skills

  • Take a fresh look at your brandcreate innovative, bold and disruptive ideas designed to drive brand performance and enhance brand health
  • Discover how to attract, retain, and build your most valuable customer relationships
  • Learn how to amaze and delight customers by choreographing a remarkable brand experience that delivers on your brand promise
  • Unleash your brand's potential to "deliver the unexpected" to create legions of raving fans who love and respect your brand
  • Write the book you want to read

Who Should Attend

This program is geared toward business leaders driving their brand performance and business growth. Participants range from the C-level community and entrepreneurs to corporate managers responsible for creating and executing brand activation initiatives. This program is a high-level roundtable setting, limited to 20 participants.

Program Details

What You Will Learn

This immersive online thought leadership roundtable involves a strategic brand–building presentation, interactive team discussion, and a collaborative group deep–dive think tank experience.

Topics include:

  • Brand focus, positioning, and dominating product categories in today's competitive landscape
  • Building a best-selling brand, establishing leadership credentials
  • Creating a brand voice that’s authentic, relevant, and sparks an emotional connection
  • Defining what business you’re in, what you’re really selling, owning an only
  • The importance of your brand being recognized as a "want"–not a "need"
  • Levers that drive value creation, reputational capital, brand loyalty
  • Unlocking new markets and expanding/contracting brands
  • Organic growth vs. the value of strategic partnerships and brand ambassadors
  • Purpose driven brands–creating meaningful conversations and great business stories by doing good 


370 x 32

 brand new day

This program is led by Larry Gulko, a brand architect and strategist, thought leader, CEO whisperer, media personality, and growth advisor with a track record for positioning an eclectic range of brands to compete more effectively in today’s rapidly evolving and ever-changing global business landscape.

Program Discounts

Babson alumni enjoy discounts on Babson Executive Education programs: 20% for in-person programs and 50% for online programs. Some exclusions apply.

Discounts also are available for groups and for past participants in Babson Executive Education’s open enrollment programs.

Please email Rachel Crane for more information on discounts.


All Babson Executive Education programs are taught in English. To participate, we ask that you can speak, read, and write English to get the most out of our programs.


Registration deadline for program: TBD

Why Babson Executive Education?

Babson Executive Education works with organizations and professionals around the world to turn ideas and challenges into opportunity. Babson cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset that is the basis for many of the world’s most innovative businesses and leaders.

Our programs are about more than theory; they’re about action, and equipping you with the practical tools and strategies necessary to have an immediate impact on your organization or business.


Frequently Asked Questions

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