Participant Profiles

Click on the images below to learn how past participants of The Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp are using the tools and strategies gained in the program to grow their businesses and pursue new opportunities.

Program Testimonials

“On my way to the program, a friend who actually recommended the program to me said this will change my life, so halfway through the program, I called and told him he was right.” – John Aacht

“I came to the boot camp with no clear idea which path I should follow, even though I had funds to start and invest in a business. The boot camp helped bring direction, and I am ready to go.” – Olorunfemi Adesoye

“The Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are in any stage of their business to develop the tools to take their business further.” – Thomas Davie

“This course gave me the space to think creatively and carefully about where I want to take my business and a new way to approach getting the job done well.” – Elizabeth Drapa

“The Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp is an excellent, practical course that you will use in practice to start, improve, or grow your business.” – Anne Ferguson

“The Babson programme was literally life changing for me. I remember sitting in the classroom on the Thursday morning and suddenly being overwhelmed by a feeling that for the first time in my life I had found, as far as my career was concerned, my ‘spiritual home.’ I knew I was supposed to be in that room, at that time on that day and that I would always remember the moment that the light of entrepreneurship was truly illuminated for me.” – Chris Louttit, Founder and CEO, Pawsitively Natural Ltd®

“The Boot Camp gave me the tools necessary to analyze my idea, decide if I should follow it, and feel confident in it.” – Richard S. Luck