Mark Clayton

Former NFL player/Co-founder of LIVV Headphones

“Music has always been a central part of my life.”

In May, we spoke with former NFL player and January Boot Camp participant, Mark Clayton, regarding his new venture, LIVV Headphones.

Can you talk a little about what inspired you to start LIVV Headphones?


Music has always been a central part of my life. As a former pro football player, music gave me the extra drive and energy I needed to train harder during all of our crazy workout sessions. However, I had trouble finding headphones that stayed in place during my workouts. So, after retiring from the NFL, I partnered with engineer Dave Loft to design wireless headphones that stay in place during all types of training.

What would you say sets LIVV Headphones apart from other headphone products?

As I mentioned, many headphone products do not stay in place when you exercise. Our lightweight wireless headphones integrate the latest torsional engineering techniques to ensure that LIVV Headphones rest comfortably on your head when you exercise or take a run. Additionally, the wireless on board music storage allows you to listen to your music without having to connect to your cellphone.

What would you say are your biggest achievements as an entrepreneur to date?

Driving girl

I am really proud of the way my team of co-founders has worked together as a group. We took less than a year to manufacture a headphone product that can store all of your music and rest comfortably on your head during any workout. We also are excited about our decision to donate 1% of our future sales to the Starkey Foundation, an organization committed to preventing and treating hearing loss.

Can you talk a little about where you were in the design process when you entered Babson’s Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp?

I was already in touch with engineers and manufacturers, but the Entrepreneurs’ Boot Camp really gave me the tools and framework to develop a marketing plan and evaluate how to grow our business. With this plan in mind, we look forward to launching the sale of LIVV Headphones in August of 2015.

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