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Courtney Sara Minard

  • Adjunct Lecturer
Academic Division: Finance


As a socio-economist, educator, researcher, writer, and consultant, my work focuses on advancing equitable, sustainable solutions to reduce extreme poverty, protect the environment, empower women and girls, redefine finance and investing, and promote economics as a discipline anchored in human capabilities. I do this through education, economic policy analysis, business and investment consulting (impact investing and social entrepreneurship), community-driven development, and project design and implementation. It has included one year in Trento, Italy, five years in New York City, three plus years in Senegal, five years in Washington, DC., seven years in Paris and Marseille, France, and 6 years in Cambridge, MA, and a few other places in between (India, El Salvador, Switzerland).

My experience comes from working with and for universities (as faculty and external consultant), governments (local, regional and international), and private sector (big and small companies), foundations, NGOs, research institutes, and community organizations. I've designed, managed and evaluated projects from one month to several years that blend private sector strategies, the power of informal work and design, the urgency of policy efficiencies, and a commitment to equitable human development and sustainable natural resources management, gender equity, CSR and impact investment, and social justice.

My approach is multidisciplinary; my training in international development practice, economics, finance, and business allows me to employ a diverse set of tools and perspectives to problem solving, along with a strong understanding of participatory principles for good governance. My talents lie in design, data collection and synthesis; communicating ideas across differences and in policy terms; harnessing the entrepreneurial energy and capabilities of people and communities across cultures; and working strategically in teams on building markets and businesses that foster regenerative relationships and flourishing societies through multi-stakeholder engagement, applied design research, and sustainable investments.

I am a musician/singer, ashtanga yoga and mindfulness practitioner/teacher, participatory design thinking facilitator, and sustainable food alchemist. I grew up on a farm in New Jersey that has been in my family for over 200 years which I now steward with my family; it is this sense of sacred place and protection of nature, along with my faith, my global family, and my commitment to knowledge, equity, and justice that informs who I am and how I do what I do.

Academic Degrees

  • Ph D, Institut d'Etudes politiques de Paris / Sciences Po Paris
  • MA, Columbia University
  • MA, Sciences Po
  • MA, University of San Francisco