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Fritz Fleischmann

  • Professor
  • William R. Dill Governance Professor
Academic Division: Arts & Humanities


Educated in Germany, England and the United States, Fritz Fleischmann received his doctorate summa cum laude from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in 1983, the year he joined the Babson faculty. At Babson, he has served as founding chair of the undergraduate honors program, chair of the Arts and Humanities Division, associate director of the Glavin Center for Global Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Dean of Faculty. He was awarded the Tomasso Term Chair in 1991 and the William R. Dill Governance Chair in 1997.

Mr. Fleischmann is the author, editor, co-editor of, or consulting editor for, eight books, and the author of numerous essays and articles on American literature and culture, with a special interest in feminism and the history of gender. He was the founding chair of the editorial board for the NEH-supported Charles Brockden Brown Electronic Archive and Scholarly Edition, of which the first print volume appeared in 2013, and he is currently working on a biography of John Neal (1793-1876), as well as a co-edited collection of Neal's short fiction.

Another area of interest is the history and culture of entrepreneurship, on which he has written several papers. He serves on the board of the Faltin Foundation for Entrepreneurship in Berlin, Germany and has edited the English rendition of Gnter Faltin's bestselling Kopf schlgt Kapital (Brains versus Capital: Entrepreneurship for Everyone. 2013)

Fritz Fleischmann teaches a range of undergraduate courses in literary and cultural studies, as well as writing, most recently focusing on eco-criticism and environmental issues.

Academic Degrees

  • Dr. phil., University of Erlangen-Nurnberg
  • Staatsexamen, University of Erlangen-Nurnberg

Academic Interest / Expertise

English and American Literature; Gender; Environmental Studies

Awards & Honors

  • 2019 — Kentucky Colonel, Governor of Kentucky/University of Kentucky
  • 1997 — William R. Dill Governance Chair, Babson College
  • 1991 — Tomasso Term Chair, Babson College


Journal Articles

  • Fleischmann, F. (2020). “’Dear New England’: Margaret Fuller on Region, Nation, and Home.” . Vol: 93, Issue: 3 (Sept. 2020), Page: 6-16. The New England Quarterly.
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  • Fleischmann, F. (2000). Margaret Fuller's Cultural Critique: Her Age and Legacy. Peter Lang.

Cases and Teaching Notes

  • Fischer, K., Fleischmann, F. (2018). "Powered by Magic: The Romance of Essex Farm": case and teaching notes. Page: 33 pp. in MS.. Harvard Business Publishing and the Case Center. link

Book Chapters

  • Fleischmann, F. (2019). “Kindred Spirits, Troubled Cause: The Environmental Ethics of Aldo Leopold and Hans Jonas.” : The US and the World We Inhabit. Issue: 1-5275-3937-7, Page: 194-206. Cambridge Scholars.
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  • Fleischmann, F., Ruschkowski, K. (2019). Sommer an den Seen: Margaret Fuller, Sommer an den Seen. Corso Verlag. link
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Articles - Circular or newsletter (e.g., Babson Insight)

  • Fleischmann, F. (2020). "Translating Fuller: The Play of Interpretation": Conversations: The Newsletter of the Margaret Fuller Society. Vol: 3, Issue: 2, Page: 1, 5-7. Margaret Fuller Society. link


  • "Virtual Representation and Women's Rights: John Neal's Dissent" Fleischmann, F. "Dissent of the Governed: c18 and c21", Lexington, KY (2019)
  • "Margaret Fuller and John Neal Conversing" Fleischmann, F. The Thoreau Gathering, Concord, Massachusetts (2019)
  • "Translating Fuller: The Play of Interpretation" Fleischmann, F. American Literature Association, Boston (2019)
  • "Out of New England: Margaret Fuller's Evolving Perspectives" Fleischmann, F. SEA Biennial Conference, Eugene, OR (2019)
  • "John Neal and Margaret Fuller" Fleischmann, F. Triennial Conference, Society for the Study of American Women Writers, Denver, CO (2018)
  • "The View from London: Charles Brockden Brown as an 'American' Writer" Fleischmann, F. Eleventh Biennial Conference of the Charles Brockden Brown Society, University College Dublin (2017)
  • Chair, Session on "Picturing Circulation and Imagining Visualization" Fleischmann, F. Eleventh Biennial Conference of the Charles Brockden Brown Society, University College Dublin (2017)
  • Convener and (Virtual) Co-Chair, Session on "Talking Climate: The Discourse(s) on Climate Change" Fleischmann, F. 24th AISNA Biennial Conference, Milan, Italy (2017)
  • Chair for panel entitled "Transcribing History and Translating Nature" Fleischmann, F. 10th International Conference of the Charles Brockden Brown Society, Tampa, Florida (2015)
  • Public panel discussion on proposed Massachusetts carbon tax, sponsored by the Wellesley League of Women Voters Fleischmann, F. , (2013)
  • Chair for panel entitled “’Edge of Glory’: Revolutionary Afterlives” Fleischmann, F. 9th International Conference of the Charles Brockden Brown Society, Paris (2013)
  • Chair for panel entitled "‘Go Brown!’ New Directions on Brockden Brown and American Literary History” Fleischmann, F. 8th International Conference of the Charles Brockden Brown Society, New York (2012)
  • Fleischmann, F. Labor for Entrepreneurship, Berlin, Germany (2010)
  • "A Right Manly Man": John Neal's Feminist Advocacy and the Question of Masculinity" Fleischmann, F. Inaugural Converence of C19: Society of Nineteeth-Century Americanists, (2010)
  • Fuller's Emerging Radicalism Fleischmann, F. Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Panel, First Parish of Groton, MA (2010)
  • Margaret Fuller at 200: An Inspiration for HerTime and Ours Fleischmann, F. , First Parish of Medfield (2010)
  • Waging War: The American Revolution and the Battle of the Sexes in John neal's Seventy-Six Fleischmann, F. CSECS/NEASECS, Ottawa (2009)
  • What is Entrepreneurial Thinking? Fleischmann, F. , St. Gallen University, Switzerland (2009)
  • John Neal's Yankees: Models for the Nation? Fleischmann, F. 6th Biennial Converence of the Society of Early Americanists, Hamilton, Bermuda (2009)
  • Marx, Engels, and Margaret Fuller Fleischmann, F. Annual Conference of the Modern Language Associations of America, San Francisco, CA (2008)
  • Christmas, Crime, and Cuisine: Historic Nuremberg in Contemporary Crime Fiction Fleischmann, F. Fischer, K. Annual Meeting of the Midwest Popular Culture Association, Cincinnati, OH (2008)
  • Charles Brockden Brown's 'The Man at Home' Fleischmann, F. Biennial Conference of the Charles Brockden Brown Society, Dresden, Germany (2008)
  • Entrepreneurship as a Way of Life Fleischmann, F. Kongress 'Studieren - Forschen - Grunden', Berlin, Germany (2008)
  • "Entrepreneurship as Emancipation: The History of an Idea" Fleischmann, F. Lecture Series: "Entrepreneurship: Qualifikation der Zukunft", Berlin, Germany (2007)
  • Entrepreneurship as Emancipation: The History of an Idea Fleischmann, F. , Berlin, Germany (2006)

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