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Lucy McAllister

  • Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Lewis Institute Fellow
Academic Division: History & Society


Lucy McAllister is a Visiting Assistant Professor and a Lewis Institute Fellow at Babson College. She holds a Ph.D. and a M.Sc. in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder, and a B.A. in Environmental Studies and German Studies from Connecticut College.

Dr. McAllister’s research focuses on the relationship between corporations and the natural environment. She has examined topics such as the human and environmental harms of the electronics commodity chain, the social and environmental messaging of lead multinational corporations, and the impacts of technological solutions to climate change on women and children in informal and emerging markets. Her dissertation work was selected for a University of Colorado Dissertation Completion Fellowship and she has also received a Fulbright Teaching Assistant Award. Her research has been published in outlets such as the Harvard Health and Human Rights Journal, The Lancet, Sociology of Development, and the Population Reference Bureau.

Dr. McAllister has taught introductory and advanced courses on Climate Change, Environmental Justice, Food Systems, and Business and the Natural Environment.

In her free time, Lucy enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband Sid, daughter Amelia, and their dog Mr. Rex.

Academic Degrees

  • Ph D, University of Colorado Boulder
  • MS, University of Colorado Boulder
  • BA, Connecticut College

Academic Interests

Environmental Studies; Climate Change; Environmental Justice; Electronic Waste; Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Degree Courses 2019

  • Degree Courses 2018



Journal Articles

  • Campbell, N., McAllister, L.D., Downey, L. (2016). Invisible While in Plain Sight: The World Bank in the New York Times. Sociology of Development. Vol: 2, Issue: 4, Page: 413-437.
  • McAllister, L.D., Magee, A., Hale, B. (2014). Women, E-Waste, and Technological Solutions to Climate Change. HEALTH AND HUMAN RIGHTS. Vol: 16, Issue: 1, Page: 166-178.


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  • Illegal Crossings: United States’ Hazardous Waste in India McAllister, L. Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference, Lexington, KY (2012)

Professional Services

  • Member The Media and Climate Change Observatory (MECCO) ()