Faculty Profiles

Samantha Bankston

  • Senior Lecturer
Academic Division: Arts & Humanities


Samantha Bankston is a visiting assistant professor of philosophy at Babson College. She specializes in 19th and 20th century continental philosophy, notably the ontology of Gilles Deleuze. Samantha is the author of Deleuze and Becoming (Bloomsbury, 2017), and she is currently completing a book manuscript entitled Deleuze and iek (Palgrave Macmillan). She translated Anne Sauvagnargues' book, Deleuze and Art (Bloomsbury/Continuum, 2013, 2017), as well as the work of other renowned philosophers, such as Gilles Deleuze, Frédéric Gros, and Salvo Vaccaro for the University of Minnesota Press, the University of Chicago Press, Lexington Books, among others. Her philosophical writings can be found in a variety of anthologies, including Simone de Beauvoir--A Humanist Thinker (Brill, 2015), Deleuze and the Passions (Punctum Books, 2016), as well as at the International Journal for iek Studies (2016).

Dr. Bankston is a part of the international translation team, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), under the direction of Purdue University Professor Daniel W. Smith, which makes available online previously unpublished, audio-recorded lectures from Gilles Deleuze’s University of Paris-8 seminars on the thought of Michel Foucault

Academic Degrees

  • Ph D, Purdue University
  • MA, New School for Social Research
  • BA, University of Colorado, Boulder

Academic Interests

19th and 20th century continental philosophy, metaphysics, political theory, feminist philosophy, German idealism, aesthetic and cultural theory


Journal Articles

  • Bankston, S. (2015). "Difference, Repetition, and the N[on(e)-All]: The Parallactic Mirror of iek and Deleuze”. Vol: 9, Issue: 2, Page: 22. The International Journal of iek Studies. link


  • Bankston, S. (2017). Deleuze and Becoming. Page: 220. Bloomsbury Publications .

Book Chapters

  • Bankston, S. (2016). “To Have Done with the Judgment of ‘Reason’: Deleuze’s Aesthetic Ontology” : Deleuze and the Passions. Page: 41-59. Punctum Books.
  • Bankston, S. (2015). "Becoming-Ambiguous: Simone de Beauvoir, Gilles Deleuze, and the Future of the Humanities" : Simone de Beauvoir--A Humanist Thinker. Page: 93-111. Brill.


  • Bankston, S. (2016). Translation of Frédéric Gros’ “Deleuze’s Foucault: A Metaphysical Fiction” : Between Deleuze and Foucault. Page: 128-139. Edinburgh University Press.
  • Bankston, S. (2015). Translation of Frédéric Gros’ “Is There a Biopolitical Subject?” : Biopower: Foucault and Beyond. Page: 259-274. University of Chicago Press.


  • In Praise of Philosophy's Melancholic Futility Bankston, S. The Utility and Futility of Philosophy, Tallinn, Estonia (2018)
  • The Melancholic Power of Bartleby: Deleuze, iek, and the Deterritorialization of Capital Bankston, S. The 2nd Annual Boston Area Deleuze Reading Group Conference, Boston, MA (2018)
  • "Becoming and Dialectic: The Parallax between Gilles Deleuze and Slavoj iek" Bankston, S. 9th International Deleuze Studies Conference, Rome, Italy (2016)
  • “Becoming(s) and Lifelines" Bankston, S. International Deleuze Studies Conference, Stockholm, Sweden (2015)
  • “To Have Done with the Judgement of ‘Reason’: Deleuze’s Aesthetic Ontology” Bankston, S. Annual National Deleuze Scholarship Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2014)
  • “The Ontological Parallax of iek and Deleuze: Dialectic vs. Becoming and the Production of the New" Bankston, S. International iek Studies Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio (2014)